President and VP to Left Their Posts at NEM

Lon Wong and Jeff McDonald will continue to cooperate with NEM Foundation as advisors
03 April 2018   389

President of the non-profit organization NEM Foundation Lon Wong and vice-president Jeff McDonald left their posts. Christophe Van de Reck was appointed interim president, the official statement said.

At the same time, Wong and McDonald will continue to work with the organization as advisers. During the closed beta testing of the Catapult engine, they will focus on working with business partners, the NEM Foundation notes.

Our Foundation has been blessed with a group of able leaders and enthusiastic fulltime employees that stand ready to take the world by storm. We have built momentum and I am happy with the way things are moving. So, after careful consideration, I have decided that it is time for me to step aside as the President of Foundation and concentrate my energy to build ProximaX and continue to grow the NEM ecosystem.

Lon Wong

Ex-president, NEM

The former vice-president of NEM Foundation also told about his plans for the future.

I plan to expand my work with LuxTag and Kchain, improve the Voting protocol and Apostille protocol as Catapult furthers in development. I’m also working on other ideas for additional protocols in addition to these that Catapult will enable. For me, these are exciting things that I want to work on and so I’m making that happen starting today.

Jeff McDonald

Ex-vice-president, NEM

Late March, the NEM Foundation, developers of the PEM platform NEM and the company Tech Bureau announced the launch of closed beta testing of the block-engine Catapult, also known as Mijin v.2. Partners, customers and individual community-developers can take part in it.

NEM to Invest $120k in Malaysian Blockchain Startups

NEM in Malaysia will be engaged in the promotion of blockchain start-ups, as well as helping companies integrate DLT into their projects
05 July 2018   156

The Foundation has opened a blockchain centre in Malaysia. The company allocated $ 120,000 to develop projects based on DLT in the country. This is reported by Ethereum World News.

The NEM Malaysia Center will be engaged in the promotion of blockchain start-ups, as well as helping companies integrate distributed ledger technology into their projects. Foundation hopes to popularize its own XEM cryptocurrency in the region.

The task of the headquarters also includes informing the population about the features of the blockchain.

There is not enough understanding and (not enough) people who know how to use the technology to build up solutions for companies to solve some of the world’s problems. I think the mindset still remains the biggest challenge. For example, people may think it is complicated because of the buzzwords or more specific terms that are used.

Stephen Chia

Local Head, Foundation

In March Foundation and Tech Bureau announced the launch of the closed beta testing of the Catapult engine.