Protection from Petya the virus

Symatec found the way to protect computers from popular ransomware
28 June 2017   1760

Is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen.

Symatec's specialists found the way to protect from new ransomware called "Petya" that recently attacked computers all over the world. 

In the moment of attack, Petya looks for C:\Windows\perfc file on victim's computer. If there is such file on the PC, Petya doesn't infect the PC.

In order to secure your PC, you can create this file just using the "Notepad". Also, different sources recommend to create just perfc file, without extension and another recommend to create perfc.dll file.

Yesterday, ransomware called Petya attacked thousends of computers all over the world. It locks victim's PC and demands 300$ in Bitcoins to unlock it. 

Lightning Desktop App to be Launched in BTC Mainnet

The application, which is based on the lightweight Neutrino client, is available for the macOS, Windows and Linux, however, it's oriented fro test environment
24 April 2019   148

Lightning Labs, a leading developer of solutions for the Lightning Network, announced the launch of its desktop wallet in the main Bitcoin network. An application that was previously tested in a test network is available in the alpha version.

The application, which is based on the lightweight Neutrino client, is available for the operating systems macOS, Windows and Linux, however, as the developers emphasize, is still oriented primarily to the test environment. At the same time, more advanced users can also experiment with the wallet interface and get access to their funds.

Lightning App Desktop Version Screenshot
Lightning App Desktop Version Screenshot

The Neutrino client allows non-custodial Lightning wallets to verify Bitcoin transactions without the need to synchronize with the full version of the blockchain.

The new release includes such a function as displaying a single balance, which will allow users to see the cumulative number of coins both in the network base and in the payment channels by percentage.