Proton to Help to Launch Windows Games on Linux

Valve gave Linux users the opportunity to play more games
23 August 2018   338

Valve announced the beta version of the Steam Play service with a modified version of Wine, called Proton. It allows you to run Windows games on Linux.

The goal of the project is to provide Linux users with access to more games. Also, the company wants to remove developers from the task of porting games to other platforms, so that they spend more time improving the game process.

Proton features:

  • Launch games directly through the Steam client for Linux with Steamworks and OpenVR support;
  • Support for games using DirectX 11 and 12 without sacrificing performance thanks to the Vulkan API;
  • Support for full-screen mode by stretching the image;
  • Support of all controllers supported by the Windows version of Steam;
  • Increase the performance of multi-threaded games through the collection of patches esync.

The company announced full support for 26 games, including Fallout Shelter and PAYDAY: The Heist. To run games, you must become a beta-testing participant and install the latest versions of NVIDIA 396.51 or Mesa 18.2.0 drivers for AMD and Intel video cards.

Enthusiasts can try to start any game by turning on the Enable Steam Play for all titles option in the settings. Successful and unsuccessful attempts to run are recorded in an online document. Proton's source code is published on GitHub, so users can create their own builds with bug fixes. Proton is written on C++.

Together with attempts to expand the library of games on other platforms, Valve gets rid of the support of old systems. In June 2018, the company announced the end of support for Windows XP and Vista.

Cloudflare to Develop IPFS Gateway

According to the developers, new gateway will allow to create P2P based websites
20 September 2018   80

Cloudflare told about the IPFS gateway, which will allow creating sites based on P2P network. The company said that access to content will be done without having to install special software on the devices.

As a technology feature, Cloudflare experts note decentralization. Using a standard network scheme with servers involves physical storage of data in one place. Hacking the server or damage to communications as a result of an emergency (for example, a natural disaster) will lead to inaccessibility of information or its loss. The same is threatened with information if the server owner has decided to refuse it.

Cloudflare Network
Cloudflare Network

The IPFS gateway combines computers, on each of which some information is stored, to the worldwide network. Therefore, the inaccessibility of one computer does not mean that the content can not be viewed or downloaded. Therefore, the key differences are two:

  1. With IPFS, anyone can freely post information instead of storing it on remote servers and paying for their services.
  2. Requests for access to data are carried out using cryptographic hashing, rather than by IP address. The query data is converted to a series of letters and numbers, by which the system finds the required files. For example, the query for any information will not like "get information that is located at IP address", but the kind "get information with hash sum QmXnnyufdzAWL5CqZ2RnSNgPbvCc1ALT73s6epPrRnZ1Xy". This hash sum is part of the desired file and is on several computers.

The system automatically determines the authenticity of the file. If we take as an example a query with a hash sum QmXnnyufdzAWL5CqZ2RnSNgPbvCc1ALT73s6epPrRnZ1Xy, then when receiving the information it should remain the same. If the hash value differs, then the file has been changed. In other words, the hash-sum can be represented as a unique fingerprint:

IPFS Security
IPFS Security

Supporters of decentralization are also in a number of other companies. Mozilla employees believe that consumers should not be tied to a particular product, brand or platform. In early August 2018, developers published a version of the IoT gateway Things Gateway 0.5. In it, they realized the possibility of loading third-party icons and an interface for complex devices.