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18 April 2017   3468

Faster Debugger


Python is a widely used high-level programming language for general-purpose programming.

Python 3.6 debugging is now up to 40x faster! We have been able to use some new features in Python 3.6 to radically improve the performance of the PyCharm debugger. Is your project not on 3.6 yet? Python 3.5 (and older) debugging got up to two times faster as well. 

Time of benchmark executes Time of benchmark executes 

New and Improved Test Runners

PyCharm 2017 test resultsPyCharm 2017 test results


PyCharm is an integrated development environment for the Python programming language.

PyCharm has now adopted the TeamCity API for test runners. This means that test configurations will be consistent between the IDE and CI builds. This allows us to use the native test runners, and will make integration of new test runners in the future easier.

Support for the six Library

Library list in PyCharm 2017Library list in PyCharm 2017

If you’d like to upgrade to Python 3, but still need to support Python 2 for a while, you can use the six library. The six library enables you to write a single codebase that can run on both Python 2 and Python 3 interpreters. PyCharm now has accurate code completion and code insight for six.

Web Development

Django, Flask & Pyramid PRO ONLY

Django, Flask & Pyramid logosDjango, Flask & Pyramid logos

PyCharm has been updated to support all current versions: Django 1.10, Flask 0.12, and Pyramid 1.8.2.


Vue.js at workVue.js at work


Vue is a progressive framework for building user interfaces.

Vue.js is a rapidly growing new JavaScript framework. Get the Vue.js plugin from the JetBrains repository (Settings | Plugin | Install JetBrains Plugin) to try it out in PyCharm 2017.1! The new version of PyCharm adds Vue autocomplete and code assistance, which also works in multiple languages within .vue files.

JavaScript Unit Test Status Gutter Icons PRO ONLY

PyCharm 2017 JavaScript Unit Test Status Gutter IconsPyCharm 2017 JavaScript Unit Test Status Gutter Icons

Unit tests are a great tool to check against regressions, but sometimes you want to change something which breaks your tests. Now you can see right in the editor which tests need an update, and if you’re using Mocha or Jest you can debug them right from there.

Support for Jest PRO ONLY

Jest in actionJest in action


Jest is used by Facebook to test all JavaScript code including React applications.

If you’re using React, you should try Jest – Facebook’s JavaScript unit testing framework. In PyCharm 2017.1 we support running and debugging Jest tests. And of course if you spot a failing test, you can just double-click it to go to the test’s source.

Database Tools

Editor Colors PRO ONLY

Colors editingColors editing

Bad things happen when you think you’re working on staging, but you accidentally opened an SQL prompt on your production server instead. To prevent this, now you can set your editors to different backgrounds.

Version Control

Improved Log Viewer

New PyCharm 2017 log viewerNew PyCharm 2017 log viewer

Our log viewer has a couple of small useful improvements: you can now search commits using regex, and toggle case sensitivity.

File History

PyCharm 2017 new file history panelPyCharm 2017 new file history panel

We’ve improved our file history panel. For example, you can now easily toggle between seeing only the commits on the branch you’re currently on, or the commits on all branches.

Remote Development

SSH Multi-Factor Authentication PRO ONLY

PyCharm 2017 multi-factor authentication PyCharm 2017 multi-factor authentication

If you’re security-conscious, you may have hardened your server’s SSH access with 2-factor authentication. PyCharm now supports connecting to SSH servers that are protected with Google Authenticator.

Native Docker for Mac PRO ONLY

PyCharm 2017 Mac's Native DockerPyCharm 2017 Mac's Native Docker

PyCharm 2017.1 supports Docker for Mac using native unix sockets. No more need to use SOCAT to connect your IDE to Docker.

Data Science

Data View for Pandas DataFrames and Numpy Arrays

PyCharm 2017 new Data View for Pandas DataFrames and Numpy ArraysPyCharm 2017 new Data View for Pandas DataFrames and Numpy Arrays

When doing data science, seeing the data you’re working on makes the work a lot easier. That’s why we’ve taken our DataFrame and Numpy Array viewer, and evolved them into a dedicated Data View pane. Complete with tabs to easily watch multiple datasets.

Remote Jupyter Notebooks PRO ONLY

Remote Jupyter Notebook for PyCharm 2017
Remote Jupyter Notebook for PyCharm 2017

Jupyter Notebooks are a great way to do research. If you do research in a team, you’ll want to share your notebooks with your team members. That’s why PyCharm 2017.1 supports connecting to Jupyter Notebooks on a shared server.

Platform Improvements

Zero-Latency Typing

Typing latencies of different IDEsTyping latencies of different IDEs

Lower latency typing means for a better typing experience. Pavel Fatin, one of our developers, worked hard to get the latency down as low as it can go.

Semantic Highlighting

Semantic highlighting in actionSemantic highlighting in action

When enabled, semantic highlighting will make it easy to see where a variable is used at a glance.

Ctrl+Click on Links in Terminal

Open a link in your browser
Open a link in your browser

A small improvement to make your life easier: hold Ctrl and click any link in the terminal to open it in your browser.

Find in Path Dialog

PyCharm 2017 Find in Path dialog
PyCharm 2017 Find in Path dialog

We’ve reworked our Find in Path dialog: it’s cleaner, easier to use, and sleeker-looking! Try it yourself: right-click a folder in your project and select ‘Find in Path.’

PyCharm 171.4694.67 available now

Update of PyCharm 2017.1 fixed a lot of issues and bugs 
05 July 2017   1559

Integrated development environment for the Python programming language, developed by the Czech company JetBrains


A multi-paradigm programming language with easy-to-use syntax and many features

Creators of Python IDE PyCharm reported on 5th of July about the release of new version of PyCharm 2017.1

Bugs fixed in: 

  • Debugger
  • Test Runner
  • Editor
  • Terminal
  • User Interface
  • General Bugs

Download links available at PyCharm

As always, developers ask to report about any bugs to help them in developing process.