Python News Digest 1 - 7.02

Approaches on Python testing in 2020, typed functional dependency injection in Python, Django security updates and more
07 February 2020   292

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Python news digest.

Learn how Python can help you to survive the zombie apocalypse, how to use a Flask Blueprint to architect your applications, how PyPy can speed up your Python code and more


  • How I’m testing in 2020

Skilled developers approach to Python testing nowadays

  • Surviving zombie apocalypse with random search algorithm

Looks like Python can even help you when zombies arise


  • Use a Flask Blueprint to Architect Your Applications

Learn how to use a Flask Blueprint to structure your app by grouping its functionality into reusable components

  • Typed functional Dependency Injection in Python

This tutorial will teach you how to use a lot of typed functional concepts together with traditional object-oriented dependency injection in Python

  • When your Python code is much faster with PyPy

Check the benefits of PyPy and how to use it


  • Django security releases issued: 3.0.3, 2.2.10, and 1.11.28

New pack of security updates for super popular Python framework

  • Minibatch 

Python stream processing for humans

  • Inline C

Allows you to write inline C functions in Python

  • express-your-self

Python without statements

  • pandas-vet

A plugin for Flake8 that checks pandas code



Python News Digest 8 - 14.02

Learn about the best Python tools, why sys.getsizeof is not what you need, how to call await on multiple functions and more
14 February 2020   263

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Python news digest.

Learn how parallelism can slow down your Python code, implementing interface in Python, how to check if a file is a valid image with Python and other intersting things awaits for you in this digest.


  • Understanding Best Practice Python Tooling by Comparing Popular Project Templates

Author checked and compare the most popular Python tools in this big article

  • The Parallelism Blues: when faster code is slower

Learn when, why and how parallelism can slow down your Python app

  • sys.getsizeof is not what you want

Learn why sys.getsizeof counts not all the bytes, and even wrong bytes


  • Implementing an Interface in Python

Tutorial for beginners on how to use a Python interface; understand why interfaces are so useful and learn how to implement formal and informal interfaces in Python

  • Python asyncio and await'ing multiple functions

In this tiny tutorial, you'll learn how to call await on multiple functions in Python using the asyncio package

  • How to Check if a File is a Valid Image with Python

Really small, but a useful tutorial that we will show you how to check if a certain file is a valied image using Python

  • Understand Group by in Django with SQL

Learn and understand what GROUP BY in Django ORM is by comparing QuerySets and SQL


  • virtualenv

A virtual environment builder for Python