Python News Digest 12 - 18.10

How to Read SAS Files in Python With Pandas, Python 3.8 and it's features, binning data with pandas qcut and cut and much more interestg stuff
18 October 2019   246

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Frontend news digest.

Biggest news in Python world this week is a realse of the Python 3.8. Also, beginners will be able to get familiar with meta-programming and Emacs editor, new Django version and other things are enlighten too.


        • Meta-Programming in Python

        Small, but full-fledged guide about decorators and meta-classes

        • Emacs: The Best Python Editor?

        Guide for a started on the popular Python editor

        • How to Read SAS Files in Python With Pandas

        With this guide, you will learn how to read SAS (.sas7bdat) files in Python, and how to write a SAS file to CSV using Pandas and pyreadstat.


        • Cool New Features in Python 3.8

        Learn about some of the biggest changes in the new language update.

        • Thousands of Scientific Papers May Be Invalid Due to Misunderstanding Python

        It was assumed that glob.glob() returns a sorted list of files, but it doesn’t; this led to huge amount of issues in several published scientific paper

        • Binning Data With Pandas qcut And cut

        This post explains the differences between the two commands and when and how to use each.

        • Top Three Mistakes With K-Means Clustering During Data Analysis

        Close look on 3 cases where KMC algorithm does not perform well or may produce unintuitive results


        • Python 3.8.0 Released

        New release contains assignment expressions, positional-only arguments and more.

        • Django 3.0 beta 1 released

        Another update of the popular Python framework.

        • PyPy V7.2 Released

        A new rease of Python implementation on Python (C, like original one) brings lot of new features, such as ARM aarch64 support, new JSON decoder, sandboxing makes a return, etc

        Python News Digest 9-15.11

        11 new Python web fraweworks, Selenium base and flupy updates and much more
        15 November 2019   2910

        Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Python news digest.

        Learn how to detect natural disasters with Keras and Deep Learning, generate modern worldclouds with stylecloud and about Tornado framework and more


        • Detecting Natural Disasters With Keras and Deep Learning

        You can learn how to automatically detect natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, wildfires, cyclones/hurricanes) with up to 95% accuracy using Keras, Computer Vision, and Deep Learning.

        • Generate Modern Stylish Wordcloud with stylecloud

        Looks pretty good!

        • Unpacking the Quantum Supremacy Benchmark with Python

        Python may be also used for things like that!

        • Tornado Framework for the Modern Web

        Exploring a Tornado web framework use case in low memory environment


        • My Python Development Environment, 2020 Edition

        The co-creator of Django talks about his Python environment

        • 11 new Python web frameworks

        Sanic, Starlette, Masonite and many other, of which you may not even heard of


        • SeleniumBase

        All-in-one framework for web automation, end-to-end testing, and website tours

        • flupy

        Solution implements a fluent interface for chaining multiple method calls as a single python expression

        • Pythran

        Compiler for a subset of the Python language, with a focus on scientific computing


        • The School of 2024

        Hosts (Kelly and Sean, experienced pythonists) discuss plausible trends in machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and data science that we may see in schools by 2024