Python News Digest 21 - 27.09

Get started with async programming in Python, learn about 10 tools Python webdevs should explore, check the matplotlib Titles tutorial and more
27 September 2019   551

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Frontend news digest.

In this digest you be able to get started with async programming in Python, learn about the updates of Hypothetis and command exectuion trick with subprocess. Also, learn about a Gooey, which will allow you turn almost every Python command line program to a one line app


        • Getting Started With Async Features in Python

        Learn what tools do you need and how can you use Python async features to program asynchronously every day.

        • Command Execution Tricks With subprocess - Designing CI/CD Systems

        See how you can use the subprocess module to execute instructions inside a Docker container that builds and tests your code in an automated CI/CD system

        • Placing matplotlib Titles

        This short tutorial shows you how to use the feature of configurable locations of Matplotlib titles

        • Discontinuous ranges in Python

        Last part of a thrilogy about generating sequences, this time, about it in programms

        • ML with Python: Part-2

        Second part of a machine learning with Python tutorial, which covers the steps that are being made to create ML model.


        • Python wheels, AI/ML, and ABI compatibility

        RedHat blog article on challenges that the AI\ML Python packages popularity brings to ABI compatibility and have to combat them (including using the Python Wheels, but that brings challenges too)


        • Hypothesis-auto

        Extension to Hypothesis, that brings fully automatic tests for type hinted functions

        • Gooey

        Almost every Python command line program can be turn with Gooey to a one line app

        • Espresso

        Neural speech recognition toolkit, fast and end-to-end


        • 10 Tools & Techniques Python Web Developers Should Explore

        Python News Digest 21 - 27.03

        Fast subsets of large datasets with Pandas, how to use Pandas read_html, new pip resolver release announced and more
        27 March 2020   915

        Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new frontend technologies news digest.

        Learn how to do a binary search in Python, check the introduction to SQLAlchemy ORM for Django developers, read about the Python code metrics and other cool things, prerpared for you.


        • Fast subsets of large datasets with Pandas and SQLite

        Tutorial about fast subsets of large datasets with Pandas and SQLite

        • The Python math Module: Everything You Need to Know

        This guide will teach you all about Python’s math module for higher-level mathematical functions

        • How to use Pandas read_html to Scrape Data from HTML Tables

        Detailed tutorial on how to use Pandas read_html method for scraping data from HTML

        • More on service layers in Django

        Another chapter of post about the drawbacks of using a service layer architecture for building Django apps.


        • New pip resolver to roll out this year

        Developers says there will be big changes to how pip determinates what to install, based on the package requirements


        • Python 3.9.0a5

        Early developer preview of Python 3.9 is now available


        Library for heavy-text manipulation in Python

        • WhyNot

        A Python sandbox for decision making in dynamics

        • PySimpleGUI-COVID19

        Python written tools to help analyze the spread of the COVID-19 virus

        • Z3

        Python-written theorem prover from Microsoft Research