Python News Digest 23-29.11

Interviews with the authors of Python Testing with pytest and Python Crash Cours, learn to work with Neurotech data 'fNIRS' and more
29 November 2019   294

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Python news digest.

Read the inteview with Guido, check what's new in Python 3.9a1 and check the latest update for munggoggo.


  • Learn to Work with Next Gen. Neurotech Data ‘fNIRS’

Get started with fNIRS sensing data specifically oxygenated hemoglobin “HbO2/HbO” data for analyzing a data stream from a sensor


  • Guido van Rossum on How Python Makes Thinking in Code Easier

A conversation with the creator of the world’s most popular programming language on removing brain friction to work better.

  • What’s New in Python 3.9a1

The first draft changelog for Python 3.9 alpha 1 is out, so it's time to check it.

  • Python Community Interview With Brian Okken

Brian Okken is the author of Python Testing with pytest, and the host of two Python-related podcasts

  • Variable Explorer improvements in Spyder 4

Spyder, popular Python IDE, will receive a major update in the nearest future, so it's time to get familiar with some of the upcoming features


  • munggoggo

Asyncio based agent platform written in Python and based on RabbitMQ

  • pytest-quarantine

A plugin for pytest to manage expected test failures

  • tsaug

Package for time series augmentation


  • Interview with Eric Matthes

Kelly Paredes (Curriculum guru, Google educator and co-host) and Sean Tibor (computer science teacher and co-host) interview Eric Matthes, author of Python Crash Cours

Python News Digest 11 - 17.01

Logic regression in Python, create a website in a day with MkDos and Netlify, the "No Code" delusion and even more
17 January 2020   114

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Python news digest.

Learn how to embed Bokeh in a script, activate a Conda environment in your Dockerfile, create a transparently encrypted field in Django and more intesting things awaits for you


  • Logistic Regression in Python

Classification is one of the most important areas of machine learning, for which Python is actively used, and the logistic regression is one of its basic methods

  • Embedding Bokeh in a Script

This tutorial will teach you how to build Boken in the script

  • Publish a Static Website in a Day with MkDocs and Netlify

As you may read above, the "no code" is quite a hypy trend now, so, this tutorial covers one of its tools, explaining how to use it on practice

  • Activating a Conda environment in your Dockerfile

Learn how to activate a Condra environment in Dockerfile properly, because it's not so easy as it may seems

  • Creating a transparently encrypted field in Django

This guide will detaily show you how to creat a transparentl encrypted field in the popular Python framework


  • Bug #915: please help!

Almost detective story about the mysterious disk I/O bug in the latest with happy ending

  • The “No Code” Delusion

The 2020 is going to be year of "no code": the idea is that business logic and even apps can be created without coding, and, according to the author, some of the related tools are very interesting

  • Mercurial's Journey to and Reflections on Python 3

The migration, that took almost 12 years, may lead to unexpectable bugs in the future

  • What I learned going from prison to Python

Real story of ex-inmate that changed his life with the help of Python


  • What’s new in Pandas 1.0.0

Check what first "full-fledged" version of popular Python data analysis brought