Python News Digest 23-29.11

Interviews with the authors of Python Testing with pytest and Python Crash Cours, learn to work with Neurotech data 'fNIRS' and more
29 November 2019   152

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Python news digest.

Read the inteview with Guido, check what's new in Python 3.9a1 and check the latest update for munggoggo.


  • Learn to Work with Next Gen. Neurotech Data ‘fNIRS’

Get started with fNIRS sensing data specifically oxygenated hemoglobin “HbO2/HbO” data for analyzing a data stream from a sensor


  • Guido van Rossum on How Python Makes Thinking in Code Easier

A conversation with the creator of the world’s most popular programming language on removing brain friction to work better.

  • What’s New in Python 3.9a1

The first draft changelog for Python 3.9 alpha 1 is out, so it's time to check it.

  • Python Community Interview With Brian Okken

Brian Okken is the author of Python Testing with pytest, and the host of two Python-related podcasts

  • Variable Explorer improvements in Spyder 4

Spyder, popular Python IDE, will receive a major update in the nearest future, so it's time to get familiar with some of the upcoming features


  • munggoggo

Asyncio based agent platform written in Python and based on RabbitMQ

  • pytest-quarantine

A plugin for pytest to manage expected test failures

  • tsaug

Package for time series augmentation


  • Interview with Eric Matthes

Kelly Paredes (Curriculum guru, Google educator and co-host) and Sean Tibor (computer science teacher and co-host) interview Eric Matthes, author of Python Crash Cours

Python News Digest 30.11 - 6.12

Reduce Pandas memory usage, simple explanation of BOW model with Python, xarray update and more interesting things
06 December 2019   160

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Ruby news digest.

Functional programming design pattern: Nested Iterators == Flattening, how to read and write files in Pandas, thoughts of deputy chief digital officer at Nomura about the Python replacement of Excel in banking and more stuff


  • Functional programming design pattern: Nested Iterators == Flattening

You can use this functional programming design pattern to parallelize the processing of nested loops.

  • Reducing Pandas memory usage #2: lossy compression

Second part of the tutorial that will teach you to reduce memory usage in Pandas

  • Pandas: How to Read and Write Files

Learn the Pandas IO tools API and how you can use it to read and write files.

  • A Simple Explanation of the Bag-Of-Words Model Using Python

Learn about the BOW model, a representation that turns arbitrary text into fixed-length vectors 


  • "Python already replaced Excel in banking"

Check the point of view of Matthew Hampson, deputy chief digital officer at Nomura


  • pywonderland

A pack of Python scripts for creating nice figures and animating algorithms in maths

  • xarray

package that makes working with labelled multi-dimensional arrays simpler

  • pyhttptest

Allos you to stop writing test scripts against RESTFul APIs; it describs an HTTP Requests test cases in a simplest and widely used format JSON within a file