Python News Digest 3-9.08

Python is one of the most actively developing programming languages, and our regular news digest proves it
08 August 2019   415

Hello all! Hope you are doing fine! Here's the Python News digest. Enjoy!

Today, newbies will learn about Python Float(), how to use Qt5 library of built-in widgets to build your applications, 5 steps to learn Python in a proper way and many other things. And a preview of the freshest PyCharm will be interesting for skilled guys


  • Python 3.7.3 : Using the flask - part 008.

8th part of the tutorial that will show you how to understand the flash method and fix exceptions.

  • Python Float()

This tutorial explains Python float() method in detail

  • Using Qt5's library of built-in widgets to build your applications

Part of getting started with PyQt5 guide series, which talks about the Qt5 library of widgets to develop your own apps

  • Inheritance and Composition: A Python Guide

Great article forthe newbies that will give everything student need  to know about inheritance and composition in Python

  • 5 Steps to Learning Python the Right Way

Handy tips for those who learn Python, both for complete amateurs and those who are going to improve their level


  • "Python Oddities Explained" - Trey Hunner (PyCon AU 2019)

  • "Goodbye Print Statements, Hello Debugger!" - Nina Zakharenko (PyCon AU 2019)

  • Python standard library: dict.keys, dict.values, and dict.items


  • sphinxcontrib.datatemplates 0.5.0

An extension for Sphinx to render parts of reStructuredText pages from data files in formats like JSON, YAML, etc

  • PyCharm 2019.2.1 Preview

Preview of the newest version of popular Python IDE


  • Build Your Own Knowledge Graph With Zincbase - Episode 223

Tom Grek from Versatile, AI enthusiast, talks about using Zincbase for creating personal knowledge graph.

Python News Digest 21-26.07

Let's check what's new in "snaky" programming world this week
26 July 2019   365

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Python news digest.

From this digest you can learn, for example, why you shouldn’t run migration on startup’s apps.

Articles and Guides

  • PEG Parsers

Author believes that PEG (Parsing Expression Grammars) is an interesting alternative to the home-grown parser generator.

  • Keras learning rate schedules and decay

Reading this guide, you can learn about learning rate schedules and decay using Keras

  • NumPy arange(): How to Use np.arange()

Step-by-step guide will help you to learn how to use the NumPy arange() function, which is widely used for array creation based on numerical ranges

  • Writing Sustainable Python Scripts

A standalone Python script can come with a discoverable interface a documentation and some tests to keep it useful a year later.

  • Decoupling Database Migrations From Server Startup: Why and How

Why running migrations on application startup are a bad idea (potential database corruption & downtime) and what to do instead.


  • pyon: The Pythonic Way to Use JSON

Pyon (Pythonic JSON) is a Python library which allows you to easily convert native objects into JSON objects.

  • PyCharm 2019.2 Out Now

PyCharm 2019.2 is out now: improved Jupyter Notebook experience, syntax highlighting for many more languages out of the box, initial Python 3.8 support, and much more.


  • Protecting the Future of Python by Hunting Black Swans

An interview with Russell Keith-Magee (Django core team) about identifying potential black swan events for the Python ecosystem and how to address them for the future of the language and its community.