Python plugin for Visual Studio released

What features Python Tools for Visual Studio plugin brings for a coder? 
01 August 2017   2786

Multi-paradigm programming language with easy-to-use syntax and many features including the support of the object-oriented and structured programming.

Visual Studio is one of the most popular integrated development environment, created by the Microsoft. This product allow you to develop both console applications and GUI applications, including those that support Windows Forms technology, as well as Web sites, web applications, web services in both native and managed codes for all platforms, that are supported by Windows, Windows Mobile, Windows CE,. NET Framework, Xbox, Windows Phone. NET Compact Framework and Silverlight.

Visual Studio supports these programming languages:

  • Basic
  • C#
  • C++
  • F++
  • JScript

But now, Python support also can be included by a simple plugin.

Python Tools for Visual Studio is a free, open source plugin that turns Visual Studio into a Python IDE.


A high-level, free and open source Python Web framework that encourages rapid and clean development with  pragmatic design.


  • CPython,
  • IronPython,
  • editing,
  • browsing,
  • IntelliSense,
  • mixed Python/C++ debugging,
  • remote Linux/MacOS debugging,
  • profiling, IPython, 
  • web development with Django and other frameworks.

From the Visual Studio 2017 installer, select the Python or Data Science workload to add Python support to Visual Studio.

If you will face any issues, don't hesitate to contact developers via GitHub issue. Also, don't forget to check documentation

Designed, developed, and supported by Microsoft and the community.

Python News Digest 5 - 11.10

Learn how to create a Python C extension module, write DNS server in Python, why floating point numbers lie and other interesting things
11 October 2019   100

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Frontend news digest.

Learn about hash tables, adding maps to django webapp with and about fast HTTP clients. Also, long podcast will give you the tips on how to "win" interview on Python tech vacancy.


        • Hash tables

        Learn about hash tables are, why they are being used them, and how they’re used to implement dictionaries in the most popular Python interpreter: CPython.

        • Building a Python C Extension Module

        Tutorial that will show you how to create Python interfaces in C and other things.

        • How to Add Maps to Django Web App Projects with Mapbox

        Instruction on how to add maps and location-based data to your web applications using Mapbox.

        • Write your own DNS server in Python hosted on Kubernetes

        Tutorial with code example on the topic, mentioned in the header

        • Python and fast HTTP clients

        Big guide on HTTP clients in Python


        • PyPy’s New JSON Parser

        Article covers the decisions that were made to develop the new and improved parser.

        • Six Django template tags not often used in tutorials

        Covers "unpopular" template tags for Django

        • The Numbers, They Lie

        They really do? 

        • Is Rectified Adam (RAdam) Actually Better Than Adam (optimizer)?

        *spoiler* According to author's 24 experiemnts - no.


        • Winning the Python software interview

        James Timmins from RealPython talks what to do at software interview.