Python to Reach 3rd Place at TIOBE Index

The historical event, to which Python was approaching more than 25 years, finally happened
05 September 2018   379

According to the new TIOBE index, Python is on the third line. TIOBE experts noted that they consider Python to be easy to learn and deploy applications. They also prophesy it the first place in the ranking.

The historical event, to which Python was approaching more than 25 years, finally happened. The language appeared in the rating in the early 90's and within 10 years won the line for the line to be in the top 10. Then slowly, but surely he was getting to the top-5. And now Python entered the top 3, ahead of C ++.

TIOBE Index September 2018
TIOBE Index September 2018

Notable changes in the top 50 occurred with three languages. Rust climbed five lines and took the 31st position. Groove is now on the 34th place, leaving behind 10 lines. Julia added 11 points and was placed on the 39th line.

The TIOBE index is updated monthly and reflects the popularity of the language among representatives of the IT industry. At the beginning of June, 2018, the TypeScript language was included in the top 100, which is a JavaScript add-in. Researchers believed that its popularity is associated with the use of Google on a par with Dart. A month later, in early July 2018, TypeScript overcame the top-50 mark and lagged behind the direct competitor Dart by 26 positions. However, in early August 2018, it was again outside the first fifty lines.

Google to Release Cloud Inference API

Cloud Inference API can be used for real time big data analysis 
20 September 2018   96

Google introduced an alpha version of the service for time series analysis. It processes information about events at the time - clicks, requests, activations of IoT devices, and so on. The Cloud Inference API analyzes these data in real time, finds correlations and makes predictions based on it.

Cloud Inference API
Cloud Inference API 

Service features:

  • A simple tree-like query language that allows you to specify your own time markers.
  • Online processing of incoming data with minimal delay. Therefore, Google recommends using the API in interactive user applications.
  • Ability to process data arrays of different volumes (up to trillions of records) and work under high load (up to hundreds of thousands of requests per second).
  • Full integration with Google Cloud Storage, which provides access to the same data in different services of the platform.
  • More information about the work of the tool can be found in the documentation.

Google noted that the service will be useful for a wide range of industries. Retailers can analyze the impact of pedestrian traffic on the level of sales conversion, content providers - the popularity of materials to provide better personal recommendations.

Now the Cloud Inference API is already being used by Snap to analyze the data received through the Snapchat application.

Google Cloud is developing a number of cloud services. At the end of August 2018, the company updated the tools for converting speech to text and vice versa. Cloud Text-to-Speech received support for several new languages ​​and voices, and Cloud Speech-to-Text - recognition of several speakers, language and the ability to highlight important words