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Best and the most useful tutorials for Python developers
18 July 2017   2979

Multi-paradigm programming language with easy-to-use syntax and many features.

Python programming language is a powerful tool for creating various programs for a wide variety of purposes, suitable even for beginners. With its help you can solve different problems. 

Main Python features:

  • xml / html files work support
  • http requests work support
  • GUI (graphical interface)
  • Creating Web Scripts
  • FTP support
  • images, audio and video files
  • Robotics
  • Programming of mathematical and scientific calculations

And many others. 

Thus, python is suitable for solving the lion's share of everyday tasks such as backup, read e-mail, or creating some kind of game. 

The Python programming language is practically unlimited, so it is widely used in large projects. For example, python is heavily used by IT-Giants, such as, for example, Google. In addition, simplicity and universality of Python make it one of the most popular programming languages.

Learning any programming language starts with tutorials. Let’s take a good look on best Python tutorials for beginners.

Official Python tutorial

Great place to start learning any technology is to check official website. Luckily, official Python website has a big free online tutorial.

Official Python tutorial
Official Python tutorial

Tutorial is divided into 16 topics, every topic has many lessons. Tons of code examples included. Convenient navigation makes this web tutorial very handle and easy-to-use.

Python Programming Tutorial

Website, which has Python related tutorials on such topics as:

  • Data Analysis
  • Robotics
  • We Developement
  • Game Developement
  • Python Fundamentals
  • GUI

Python Programming Tutorial
Python Programming Tutorial

All tutorials have related screencast. For example, below you can see the Python 3 Basic Tutorial series video.

Great approach! This is very helpful and it facilitates learning process greatly.

Online tutorial with in-browser coding feature.

Every topic has an interactive example code right in your browser. Simple navigation also included. 

Learn Python the Hard Way

Book, available both in digital and hard formats.

Learn Python the Hard Way
Learn Python the Hard Way

Brilliantly written by the Zed A. Shaw. Hands on. No jargon. Assumes you know nothing, which is extremely important if we are to learn something new.

Great resource for Russian-speaking Python fans.

Has a lot of helpful materials, such as bundlers review, books, guides, docs and many others. Irreplaceable resource for Russian-speaking Python beginner.

Python at Tutorials Point

Tutorials Point is ine of the biggest only tutorials resources. And, naturally, it has a Python Section. 

Python at Tutorials Point
Python at Tutorials Point

Has a "Basic" and "Advanced" levels of tutorials. Simple navigation and large amount of examples included. Also, a python tutorial pdf version available too. 

What Python tutorial is most helpful for you?

Python is one the most popular programming languages in the world. It is a powerful tool for creating various programs for a wide variety of purposes, suitable even for beginners. With its help you can solve different problems.  Please choose the tutorial, which was the most useful for your Python study process. 

Official Python tutorial
44% (4 votes)
22% (2 votes)
Python at Tutorials Point
11% (1 vote)
Learn Python the Hard Way
11% (1 vote)
Python Programming Tutorial
11% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 9

Facebook to Release PyTorch 1.0

This release added support for large cloud platforms, a C ++ interface, a set of JIT compilers
10 December 2018   116

Facebook has released a stable version of the library for machine learning PyTorch 1.0. This iteration added support for large cloud platforms, a C ++ interface, a set of JIT compilers, and various improvements.

The stable version received a set of JIT compilers that eliminate the dependence of the code on the Python interpreter. The model code is transformed into Torch Script - a superstructure over Python. Keeping the opportunity to work with the model in the Python environment, the user can download it to other projects not related to this language. So, the PyTorch developers state that the code processed in this way can be used in the C ++ API.

The torch.distributed package and the torch.nn.parallel.DistributedDataParallel module are completely redesigned. torch.distributed now has better performance and works asynchronously with the Gloo, NCCL and MPI libraries.

The developers added a C ++ wrapper to PyTorch 1.0. It contains analogs of Python interface components, such astorch.nn,torch.optim, According to the creators, the new interface should provide high performance for C ++ applications. True, the C ++ API is still experimental, but it can be used in projects now.

To improve the efficiency of working with PyTorch 1.0, a Torch Hub repository has been created, which stores pre-trained models of neural networks. You can publish your own development using the file, after which the model will be available for download by any user via the torch.hub.load API.

Support for C extensions and the module torch.utils.trainer were removed from the library.

Facebook released the preliminary version of PyTorch 1.0 at the beginning of October 2018, and in two months the developers brought the framework to a stable state.