Qiwi's CTO to Mine Hiddenly 500k BTC in 2011

According to 25/07/2018 rate, 500 000 Bitcoins is more than $4 000 000 000
25 July 2018   1137

For three months of 2011, the Russian payment service  Qiwi employee mined over 500,000 bitcoins on the self-service terminals of the company. This is reported by vc.ru.

The security service of the company drew attention to the fact that at night the terminals transmitted information, and their load increased.

It took three months to find out why. As it turned out, the technical director of Qiwi installed on the terminals applications for bitcoin mining.

Director of Qiwi demanded the return of the bitcoins, arguing that the resources of the company were used for their extraction. But the miner left without ever following his request. His fate remains unknown.

According to Sergei Solonin, CEO, the company did not incur direct losses from the activities of the ex-employee. However, tenants of terminals that paid for electricity could suffer.

After exposing Qiwi employee, Solonin ordered to mine at all the company's terminals. However, the idea could not be realized, due bitcoin mining difficulty increase.

SBI Holdings to Start Mining Chips Manufacturing

The new enterprise will work in partnership with an unnamed major semiconductor manufacturer from the United States
22 March 2019   109

The Japanese financial conglomerate SBI Holdings announced the creation of a new enterprise that will focus on the production of chips and cryptocurrency mining systems.

The message on the company's website says that SBI Mining Chip Co. (SBIMC) is part of SBI Holdings digital asset strategy.

The new enterprise will work in partnership with an unnamed major semiconductor manufacturer from the United States, and a former head of Chip Estimate and WearSens Adam Trademan, will head it. Currently, Trademan heads the BRD mobile cryptocurrency wallet development company, in which SBI Holdings invested $ 15 million in January of this year.

Recall that its plans to launch a broad offensive against the cryptocurrency industry were announced by SBI Holdings in October 2017. Since then, the corporation has made numerous investments in various projects, and also intends to promote the mass adoption and practical use of the RR Xle XRP token.