Qiwi's CTO to Mine Hiddenly 500k BTC in 2011

According to 25/07/2018 rate, 500 000 Bitcoins is more than $4 000 000 000
25 July 2018   743

For three months of 2011, the Russian payment service  Qiwi employee mined over 500,000 bitcoins on the self-service terminals of the company. This is reported by vc.ru.

The security service of the company drew attention to the fact that at night the terminals transmitted information, and their load increased.

It took three months to find out why. As it turned out, the technical director of Qiwi installed on the terminals applications for bitcoin mining.

Director of Qiwi demanded the return of the bitcoins, arguing that the resources of the company were used for their extraction. But the miner left without ever following his request. His fate remains unknown.

According to Sergei Solonin, CEO, the company did not incur direct losses from the activities of the ex-employee. However, tenants of terminals that paid for electricity could suffer.

After exposing Qiwi employee, Solonin ordered to mine at all the company's terminals. However, the idea could not be realized, due bitcoin mining difficulty increase.

Bitmain to Deny Jihan Wu is Out

Yesterday news that mister Wu left the post of chairman of the board of directors appeared
15 November 2018   91

Bitmain Bitcoin has denied rumors that its head Jihan Wu left the post of chairman of the board of directors. This is reported by CCN.

News that Jihan Wu and three other functionaries withdrew from the board of directors of the company appeared the day before. According to one version, Wu entered into an unspoken confrontation with Bitmain co-founder Micree Zhang, since he is focused on developing products in the field of AI and chip production.

It was also stated in reports of local publications, Wu moved to the position of Bitmain supervisor and lost his right to vote in the decision-making process of the board of directors, in connection with which he will no longer be able to influence the management of the company.

In a letter to CCN, Bitmain marketing manager Nishant Sharma confirmed that the board of directors of the company had undergone personnel changes, but the information that Jihan Wu had left the post of chairman called fake. He also denied the departure of other members of the board.

As is standard listing practice, Bitmain is restructuring its board and group structure, to ensure it meets regulatory requirements on its road to IPO. This is to simplify the board structure to facilitate its management. There have been no board departures and co-founder Jihan Wu will continue to lead the company as co-chair, together with co-chief executive officer, Micree Zhan.

Nishant Sharma

Marketing maneger, Bitmain

Bitmain filed an official application for an IPO on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in September.