Qt Design Studio 1.2 to be Rolled Out

Solution allows to simplify the workflow of designers and developers to create working prototypes of complex and scalable interfaces
04 June 2019   568

Qt Design Studio 1.2 was released, environment for designing a user interface and developing Qt-based graphical applications. Qt Design Studio allows to simplify the collaboration of designers and developers to create working prototypes of complex and scalable interfaces. Designers can focus only on the graphic layout of the design, while developers can focus on developing the application logic using automatically generated QML code for the designer’s layouts.

Regarding the discovery of source code, it is reported that the application is a specialized version of the Qt Creator environment, collected from a common repository. Most of the Qt Design Studio-specific changes are already included in the main Qt Creator codebase. Some of the features of Qt Design Studio are available directly from Qt Creator, for example, starting with release 4.9, a graphical editor based on the time scale is available. Photoshop and Sketch integration modules remain proprietary.

The Qt Design Studio 1.2 release is notable for adding the Qt Bridge for Sketch module, which allows you to create ready-to-use components based on the layouts prepared in Sketch and export them to QML code. Of the general changes, implementation of the support for complex gradients based on Qt Quick Shapes, which can now be treated as components of Qt Design Studio, is highlighted. For example, spherical and conical gradients combined with animation can be used to effectively visualize measurements and sensor readings. In addition, the design of interfaces can no longer be limited to linear vertical gradients.

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Binance X Devs' Plaform to be Laucnhed

Binance believe their new platform will allow developers to “learn”, “collaborate” and “grow”
30 August 2019   457

The largest (in terms of trading volume) exchange Binance launched the Binance X initiative, in which it intends to attract third-party developers to create open source projects based on its own ecosystem.

Binance offers developers to “learn”, “collaborate” and “grow”. For training, there are already libraries with technical documentation that are constantly updated and contain tips. It should be noted, that, for example, the exchange's "SDKs" are available in: C++, Golang, Java, .NET, Node, PHP and Python. The exchange will also provide the necessary channels for communication between third-party developers and members of the Binance team, not only online, but also in real life; at the same time, the company offers various programs under which projects will receive financial and expert support at various stages of development.

Binance Ecosystem
Binance Ecosystem

40 projects have already been involved in the Binance X Fellowship Program initiative, including Burner Wallet, GoBNB, OP_SECURETHEBAG and others.