QuadrigaCX Assets Could be Send to Poloniex & Bitfinex

Zerononces team spotted 12 Ethereum wallets, which, according to their supposition, belong to QuadrigaCX
01 March 2019   318

Part of the missing assets of the Canadian cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX may “with a high degree of probability” be on the Poloniex and Bitfinex exchanges. This was reported by the Zerononcense.

The authors of the report claim that they were able to track transfers in the amount of 649,708 ETH (about $ 100.4 million at the time of operations).

They spotted 12 Ethereum wallets, which, according to their supposition, belong to QuadrigaCX, and noticed that the last transactions from them were held on December 8, 2018, one day before the death of Gerald Cotten, founder of the exchange:

  • 0x0ee4e2d09aec35bdf08083b649033ac0a41aa75e
  • 0xd72709b353ded6c8068cc78988613587a4cae8de
  • 0xb6aac3b56ff818496b747ea57fcbe42a9aae6218
  • 0x027beefcbad782faf69fad12dee97ed894c68549
  • 0x45cab8d124fce8663581172c614f2ee08d01d48e
  • 0x696dd748a2edd9692ed93bd592dd2f293483eada
  • 0x0247bc4e03142079cfa2e3daf500722ed0f9a6b2
  • 0xd543154fb94528c4fc54b9c27128c2d86c6322be
  • 0x67fC93fD01A15D9FB02a80D0AE6207fB45625be4
  • 0xb90a82ec61627885eab72f4253939285ba40c91d
  • 0x79855af491352646e73bd12d7b92d6c814e71b4c
  • 0x57b727dc48b5d9261958e0fb9f94fa02dc328bf6

As reported, the joint analysis of MyCrypto CEO Taylor Monahan, Elementus and the author of the report suggests that Bitfinex and Poloniex have funds owned by QuadrigaCX.

However, it is impossible to guarantee whether these assets are still on the named exchanges.

According to Taylor Monahan, QuadrigaCX could use the data of its own clients to register accounts on third-party exchanges.

Binance DEX to Launch Trading

Mithril is the first asset, that is trading on new platform; also, the exchange presented the listing rules for assets
25 April 2019   82

Binance DEX announced the start of trading in the Mithril token (MITH) together with Binance Coin (BNB). This is the first asset in the listing site.

At the same time, the exchange presented the listing rules for assets. So, anyone can release a token on the Binance Chain, but listing it to the marketplace takes place in several stages.

First of all, the issuer must place a listing application on the Binance Chain community forum, providing answers to a number of questions relating to the innovativeness of the project, its scope and other characteristics.

After that, the issuer must make a deposit in the amount of 1,000 BNB within two days, which will be returned later. Note that the listing of an asset on Binance DEX must be approved by at least half of the validators.