Quantum Development Kit to Receive Chemical Library

Quantum Development Kit is a package of quantum development tools that has integrated emulator that can simulate about 30 logical qubits on a typical laptop
26 September 2018   1608

Microsoft announced the release of an add-on for the Quantum Development Kit. The new library is designed to simulate chemical processes. According to the representatives of the company, the development is capable of handling large-scale tasks in the field of chemistry, solving issues related to agriculture or climate change. This is reported by TechCrunch.

The supplement can be used in conjunction with the NWChem tool developed by the Department of Energy's US Department of Energy for the calculation of chemical processes. The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), specializing in research in the field of chemistry and data analysis, participated in the implementation of the new library.

At the end of 2017, Microsoft released Quantum Development Kit, a package of quantum development tools. The tool allows developers to try out programming for quantum computers using standard machines. The company claims that the integrated emulator can simulate about 30 logical qubits on a typical laptop. Using the cloud platform Azure, a power of more than 40 qubits can be achieved.

Quantum Development Kit from Microsoft is built into the Visual Studio IDE. The company claims that the code developed with the help of the package can be implemented on a real quantum computer without any changes. Microsoft created a special language to develop programs - Q #.

Some experts say that quantum computers will allow humanity to solve problems related to the lack of food on the planet or global climate changes. Computing devices based on qubits are many times faster than classical ones. However, the specialists encountered problems in the implementation of the hardware. Most quantum technologies require special environmental conditions and are subject to frequent calculation errors.

Microsoft to Launch Azure Blockchain Tokens Platform

The platform is targeted at the enterprise-level customers, which are offered a set of token templates with the necessary properties
05 November 2019   607

Microsoft has launched the Azure Blockchain Tokens platform, designed to simplify enterprises deploying and managing tokens for various tasks.

Corporate customers are offered a set of token templates with the necessary properties, explained CoinDesk Microsoft Chief Architect Marley Gray.

The templates were created by members of the Token Taxonomy Initiative (TTI), previously launched by Microsoft in conjunction with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA). Other TTI members include IBM and Intel, Hyperledger and R3 consortia, Digital Asset Holdings, and ConsenSys, a blockchain startup.

The EEA clarified that the templates on the platform are not yet commercial products, but their specifications can already be downloaded.