Radar Relay to Support Ledger Hardware Wallets

Radar Relay announced Ledger hardware wallet integration and provided instructions of how to use the wallet in the system
18 January 2018   2106

Radar Relay is a relayer that uses the 0x protocol to host an off-chain order book of individually signed orders, while not being an exchange, as relayers display and manage orders but do not hold assets or execute trades themselves.

On January 18 Radar Relay announced that in addition to supporting MetaMask, it added support for Ledger hardware wallets stating that Ledger is a secure, trusted, and widely available hardware wallet on the market.

Radar Relay Ledger Wallet integrationRadar Relay Ledger Wallet integration

The users who want to integrate Radar Relay and Ledger Wallet should:

  • Connect their Ledger hardware wallet to the computer
  • Enter PIN code to unlock the device
  • Open the Ethereum Application on the Ledger
  • Open the wallet drawer on the Radar Relay app
  • Select the Ledger radio button at the top of the drawer and follow the instructions
  • Use the dropdown to set which Ledger address they want to use
  • Click the enable toggle next to a token
  • Choose the gas price they would like to use with the slider that appears and click the create transaction button
  • Confirm the transaction on the Ledger

Moreover,  Radar Relay reported adding a new marketplace selection that allows users to choose between token pair denominations, where WETH and DAI are currently available.

Earlier today we have reported that wallet manufacturer Ledger raised $75 000 000 during series B investment round.

Ledger Live to Receive New Update

Main new feature of version 1.9.1 is different language support, including Russian and Chinese
27 May 2019   349

The French manufacturer of hardware crypto wallets Ledger announced the release of a new version of its desktop application Ledger Live.

In Ledger Live 1.9.1, the following interface languages have become available to users: Russian, French, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

To gain access to updated capabilities, users need to go to the Settings> Experimental Features tab.

The first release of Ledger Live took place last July. The application provides access to a single interface for managing Ledger devices using Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android and eliminates the need to switch between different applications to work, for example, with BTC, ETH, XRP, etc.

Earlier this month, Ledger began shipping its wallets to the Nano X, after it solved the problems that had impeded their production.