Raiffeisen Bank has joined Blockchain Consortium R3

Recently Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) has accepted R3, the largest Blockchain consortium
22 November 2017   1264

RBI announced that it had become the first Austrian bank joining R3. R3 – is on of the biggest Blockchain consortium which is popular among banks, financial regulators, tech companies and trade associations.

R3 uses Corda, Blockchain platform designed for finance and trade and creating proof of concept system. In October Blockchain developer in New-York launched updated version of Corda.

Michael Hoellerer, RBI Plenipotentiary who responses for digital strategy explained that such decision will allow them to collaborate with peers and this step will boost the growth of RBI innovations.

Joining R3, RBI is to deal with different payment solutions, digital ID, trade finance, capital markets and so on.

In September 2015 with support of Barclays Credit Suisse, BBVA, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Royal Bank of Scotland, State Street, and UBS launched R3. And this consortium didn’t launched it’s own cryptocurrency like Ripple’s did.

Now R3 widens it’s partnership with Microsoft and updates Corda to adopt it for Microsoft Azure. This step will approve Azure as R3 provider of choice.

1st Alternative Zcash Client to be Created by Parity

The responsibility for the continued development and support of the new client called Zebra will be with the Zcash Foundation
18 June 2019   125

The leading developer of solutions for the Ethereum ecosystem, Parity Technologies, presented the first alternative client for cryptocurrency Zcash.

A new client called Zebra is designed to improve the security of the Zcash network. So, if the original Zcashd client will not be able to operate for some reason, the blockchain will be supported by nodes on Zebra.

In addition, with the help of an alternative client, developers will be able to identify bugs and eliminate defects in consensus.

The community wins across the board, as there are now more core developers working on clients, with more interests represented and clients taking different approaches on how to build apps on top. Zcash can now boast a more diversified community that can effectively tailor experiences for Layer 2 developers as well as end-users.

Fredrik Harryson
CTO, Parity Technologies

The responsibility for the continued development and support of the Zebra will be with the Zcash Foundation.