Reddit: Bitmain Pools to Reject SegWit Transactions

The interesting Reddit discussion was spotted by a popular trader WhalePanda
30 October 2018   1226

The mining pools AntPool and, which is operated by the largest manufacturer of mining equipment Bitmain, reject all SegWit transactions in the Bitcoin network. This is reported by a well-known trader WhalePanda, with a link to users of Reddit.

So, the user -johoe stressed that AntPool managed to get four blocks in a row, thereby filling the memory card with SegWit transactions. If on block # 547 566 the commission was 0.04 BTC, then on the next block, which went to, it was already 0.24 BTC.

Nevertheless, many users agreed that pools simply harm their business because of ideological convictions, while the Bitcoin network is resistant to this kind of censorship.

In early September, AntPool was accused of using the AsicBoost optimization algorithm on block # 540 032.

After a month and a half, Bitmain introduced updated software for Antminer S9 devices with this algorithm, and soon the solution was implemented in the Braiins Wolfram operating system from Slush Pool.

Exim Mail Servers to Undergo Massive Attacks

Hackers are using fixed vulnerability, which was found last week, but still more than 3.6M mail servers in the global network remain potentially vulnerable
14 June 2019   306

Cybereason security researchers warned mail server administrators about the discovery of a massive automated attack that exploits a critical vulnerability (CVE-2019-10149) of Exim that was discovered last week. During the attack, hackers seek to execute their code as root and install malware for mining cryptocurrency on the server.

According to the Shodan service, more than 3.6 million mail servers in the global network remain potentially vulnerable, and are not updated to the latest release of Exim 4.92. About 2 million potentially vulnerable servers are located in the USA, 192 thousand in Russia. According to RiskIQ, version 4.92 has already switched 70% of servers to Exim.

Vulnerable Exim Servers
Vulnerable Exim Servers

Administrators are advised to urgently install updates that were prepared last week (Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Arch Linux, Fedora, EPEL for RHEL / CentOS). If there is a defeated version of Exim in the system (from 4.87 to 4.91 inclusive), you need to make sure that the system is no longer compromised by checking the crontab for suspicious calls and to ensure that there are no additional keys in the /root/.ssh directory. The attack can also be indicated by the presence in the log of the firewall of activity from the hosts, and, which are used for during the malware download process.

The first attacks on Exim servers were recorded on June 9th. By June 13, the attack became widespread. After exploiting the vulnerabilities through the tor2web gateways, the Tor hidden service (an7kmd2wp4xo7hpr) downloads a script that checks for OpenSSH (if not installed), changes its settings (allows root login and key authentication) and sets the root user for the root user access to the system via SSH.

After setting up the backdoor, a port scanner is installed in the system to identify other vulnerable servers. It also searches the system for existing mining systems that are deleted if detected. At the last stage, the own miner is loaded and registered in the crontab. The miner is loaded under the guise of an ico-file (in fact, is a zip-archive with the password "no-password"), in which the executable file in ELF format for Linux with Glibc 2.7+ is packed.