The Reform to use the blockchain in identity insurance

The innovation enables people to control their personal data
28 November 2017   719

The Reform think tank is planning to use the blockchain to reform a digital system of identity insurance. Earlier the UK government tried to implement Verify but there was no opportunity to provide assurance of the data. It was for this reason that HMRS and other departments used their own technologies and systems.

As Reform noticed, using of the blockchain will help to supply only up-to-date information. People will be able to look through their personal data and decide independently whether or not to permit access to their profiles. Users will be able to change information about themselves, including biometrics, in special app for smartphones.

According to Reform’s opinion, the UK government should follow the example of Estonia and give back to people the right to monitor their personal data. The innovation assures citizens that their information is secured and they can deny access to suspicious characters.


1st Alternative Zcash Client to be Created by Parity

The responsibility for the continued development and support of the new client called Zebra will be with the Zcash Foundation
18 June 2019   126

The leading developer of solutions for the Ethereum ecosystem, Parity Technologies, presented the first alternative client for cryptocurrency Zcash.

A new client called Zebra is designed to improve the security of the Zcash network. So, if the original Zcashd client will not be able to operate for some reason, the blockchain will be supported by nodes on Zebra.

In addition, with the help of an alternative client, developers will be able to identify bugs and eliminate defects in consensus.

The community wins across the board, as there are now more core developers working on clients, with more interests represented and clients taking different approaches on how to build apps on top. Zcash can now boast a more diversified community that can effectively tailor experiences for Layer 2 developers as well as end-users.

Fredrik Harryson
CTO, Parity Technologies

The responsibility for the continued development and support of the Zebra will be with the Zcash Foundation.