Revolut to Hire Hackers to Crack Its System

Hackers "will actually be continually testing our security", according to Chief Information Secuiry Officer
21 February 2019   451

The British fintech startup Revolut is recruiting a team of cybersecurity experts to identify IT vulnerabilities. This is reported by the Independent.

According to the CISO Paul Heffernan, hackers will analyze various threats on the darknet and apply them to the Revolut platform.

One of the responsibilities of this team is to come in and just hack all of our own systems for us. They will actually be continually testing our security and hacking into our own systems for us and using that knowledge to keep us secure.

Paul Heffernan

Chief information security officer, Revolut

It is expected that a team of cyber-specialists will be staffed within three months.

Revolut also plans to upgrade its own IT platform, abandoning unreliable banking infrastructure.

South Koreans to Invest in Crypto Actively

In addition to the investment amounts, the share of those interested in investing in digital assets also increased
22 April 2019   80

The average amount of investments in cryptocurrency from South Korean invesetprs is $ 6,100, which is 64% more than last year, Cointelegraph reports.

According to a survey conducted by the Korean Fund for the Protection of Portfolio Investors, in addition to the investment amounts, the percentage of those interested in investing in digital assets also increased. Thus, 7.4% of the 2500 respondents have already acquired cryptocurrency (last year there were 6.4% of those). It is noteworthy that this figure has increased, despite several major break-ins of the South Korean crypto exchange, as well as tougher regulation of the industry.

Analysts connect the market with a recent bitcoin price jump and hope for a new bull rally.

Recall recently it became known that 94% of trust capital funds invest in cryptocurrency.