Robot Monk Xian’er to Serve in Temple in Beijing

Xián'er gives answers prepared in advance by the masters of the temple
05 July 2018   1079

In the Buddhist monastery of Longquan in Beijing, began the service of robot monk Xian'er, who greets visitors and answers their questions. As the basis for the robot's design, the creators took the animated character, which is very popular in China.

Visitors can ask questions via the touch screen or the remote control. Xián'er gives answers prepared in advance by the masters of the temple - there are about a hundred of them.

The model presented in the monastery is one of three existing versions of the robot monk. Its height is about 60 cm. He’s an adorable little robot with little in the way of articulation, that sports a small tablet atop his belly.

In 2015, the robotic version of Xi'an'er was released by several Chinese technology firms, including Tencent and iFlytek.

As reported, a chatbot version of Robot Monk Xian'er is available on certain public platforms including Wechat and Facebook. Over the years, master Xuecheng, the abbot of Beijing Longquan Monastery, wrote thousands of questions on Sina Weibo. These questions and their answers become the data source of the chatbot.

Chrome 73 Released

Now the Android version of popular browser has Lite page mode that speeds up website download and reduces traffic consumption
13 March 2019   215

Google has released another update Chrome.

  • The Android application has Lite pages mode for optimizing pages, speeding up their loading and reducing traffic, as well as a new download manager.
  • Settings for account management and synchronization are collected in a separate section - Sync and Google services.
  • Improved video mode “picture in picture”. A floating window can now make web applications (PWA): chat rooms, instant messengers, video conferencing. And added the button "Skip advertising".
  • It is forbidden to load external resources in scripts provided by extensions. Extension developers now need to use background handlers.

The previous version was released in late January.