Rockshield Capital Corp investing in Dash Masternodes

Venture capital fund Rockshield Capital Corp released the list of blockchain-based startups and funds in which it has invested, including Neptune Dash Nodes Corp
12 January 2018   579

Rockshield Capital Corp is a diversified investment firm focused on, but not limited to, investing in early stage, high growth companies offering capital appreciation potential.

On January 11 of 2018 Rockshield Capital Corp. provided an update on the various blockchain investments it has made to date. The company stated that during past 6 months Rockshield had been reviewing opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry and to date has invested in a number of blockchain companies that they think are best positioned to capitalize in the industry.

The first company in the list was Neptune Dash Nodes, which builds and operates Dash cryptocurrency masternodes.

The company exclusively invests in the Dash digital currency eco-system by building and operating Dash Masternodes, offering a dual revenue model by receiving variable yield from owning and operating Dash Masternodes, while getting exposure to Dash currency appreciation as well. Dash has assembled a very strong board and management team with some of Canada's leading digital currency and blockchain pioneers, including Guy Halford and Jackson Warren, founders of BTL Group.

Rockshield Capital Corp. statement

The mission of Neptune Dash Nodes company is to accelerate the mass adoption of digital currency through early support and investment in Dash technologies and infrastructure, and the company aims to become the global public markets leader in Dash.

Currently the price of Dash is rising, having slightly grown 2,10% within past hour and 1,70% within past 24 hours. The market capitalization of the coin grew from $7,6 billion to $8 billion within one day.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of Dash:

  • Average price: $1 041,90
  • Marketcap: $8 140 715 514
  • 24h volume: $147 773 000

CheapAir to Switch Bitcoin Payment Processor

Popular travel booking website leaves Coinbase for Bitpay
23 April 2018   317

CheapAir began Bitcoin acceptation back in 2013. It was a first global travel industry player to accept cryptocurrency.

We were recently informed by our processing partner, Coinbase, that they will no longer support 'custodial' solutions for merchants, and are removing a number of the tools and features that we rely on to accept bitcoin from shoppers. These changes are scheduled to occur in a matter of weeks.

CheapAir Team

As company says, covertation of crypto to fiat is a key to companies ability to accept crypto.  Traditional airlines and hotel services accept only fiat currencies as payment.

It is also noted that it will accept other cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Litecoin as potentiotial options.

Our one giant concern is that Bitpay does not support 'non-payment protocol wallets' (wallets that aren't BIP-70 compliant). So if you do not have a compatible wallet, you would have to get one and use it as an intermediate stage for your Bitcoin payment.

CheapAir Team

However, while CheapAir said the integration with Bitpay has already completed, it foresees the adoption may not be smooth.