Ruby Meditation #19 in Kiev

Sat, November 25, 2017, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM EET Hub 4.0, Yaroslavskyi lane 1/3, Kyiv, Ukraine
23 November 2017   2873

Join next Ruby Meditation #19 on November, 25th! Become a part of Ruby Community.

Take your new knowledge, useful practice, and joy. Organizers are waiting for speakers from Toptal and it's mean interesting topics and discussion. Join and get information about hard and soft skills in ruby-development. Starting at 11:00 and finishing at 18:00 with the coffee-breaks and a tasty lunch.


  • 11:00 Registration and Welcome coffee 
  • 11:30 How freelancing and remote work is changing the world - Ines Avdic-Zekic
  • 12:15 Coffee break
  • 12:30 Monads in Ruby - Victor Zagorodny
  • 13:15 Lunch
  • 14:15 # UDD Kick Off - Marek Piasecki
  • 15:00 Coffee break
  • 15:15 Microservice communication with RabbitMQ - Tetiana Chupyra
  • 16:00 Coffee break
  • 16:15 A toolbelt of seasoned bug hunter - Damir Zekic
  • 17:00 Coffee break
  • 17:15 Lightning Talk


There will be interesting talks of skilled coders at Ruby Meditation.

Ines Avdic-Zekic

Topic: “How freelancing and remote work is changing the world

Ines Avdic-Zekic
Ines Avdic-Zekic

How to gently break into freelancing (with Ruby on Rails) and take control of your life and career.

Ines Avdic-Zekic

Ines Avdic-Zekic travels the world, looking for top 3% freelance talent, whom she makes feel at home while working with Toptal. She also trainer/teacher. She started teaching very early in her career, but moved to curriculum design/creation and eventually completely changed her interest to technology and Technical recruitment. She a member of Toptal’s Speakers Network. 

Victor Zagorodny 

Topic: “Monads in Ruby

Victor Zagorodny
Victor Zagorodny

Monads are mentioned more and more often in various talks, and discussions, but mostly about pure functional languages and... JavaScript. We are going to take a closer look on what monads are, in what typical use-cases they can be applied to make our code elegant and our life simpler. Also we’re going to review the current state of monads support in Ruby community and put our two cents in this.

I am a Senior Ruby developer and a tech lead @ Sloboda Studio, write mostly in Ruby, have passion for Haskell and pure functional programming in general.

Victor Zagorodny

Marek Piasecki

Topic: “# UDD - kicking of Understanding Driven Development

Marek Piasecki
Marek Piasecki

This presentation will be a natural continuation of Odessian # Hype Review. Thanks to your questions and feedback I’ll try to give some answers. I do believe deep understanding is a key thing in development. It’s kind of obvious. But we go further and further with reducing scope of our specializations.  We’re learning how to use tools and methodologies instead of learn in the first place how to program.

Marek Piasecki

Damir Zekic

Topic: "A Toolbelt of a Seasoned Bug Hunter"

Damir Zekic
Damir Zekic

Loud bugs are easy to spot and easier to fix. But there are subtle bugs that work over time and only in specific environments. Finding and fixing them is often a frustrating process. This talk will cover a debugging odyssey through which we will explore and evaluate various tools that can be used for better understanding what is happening in any application.

Damir Zekic

Sixteen years ago Damir started developing web applications with PHP, but switched to C#/ASP.NET (he tries not to remember those few projects he was forced to implement with VB.NET) until he saw the radiant shine of Ruby. Developing web apps for the majority of his career as a software developer, he’s proficient with both back-end and front-end work, but recently started to focus on the back-end more. Enthusiastic about functional programming. He is also a part of Speakers Network in Toptal.

Tetiana Chupyra

Topic: "Microservice communication with RabbitMQ"

Tetiana Chupyra
Tetiana Chupyra

Microservice applications are useful only if they work in cooperation. So an adequately chosen type of inter-service communication is golden. In this talk, I want to speak about building lightweight microservice messaging with a usage of RabbitMQ. Why it’s better than standard JSON over HTTP? When it should be used and when should not? How to integrate RabbitMQ in Ruby application? I have some thoughts and answers that I want to share with you all.

Tetiana Chupyra

Organizers do appreciate a willingness to learn, thus, students receive 50% discount by promo code ‘student’. Please send your student ID’s scan to make your registration faster.
If you are on maternity leave with a small baby (0-3 years) you can get a special discount for a ticket with promo code ‘GrowWithYourKid’. Please take kid’s birth certificate with you to confirm the status.

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Ruby\RoR News Digest 3 - 9.08

This week's freshest news, updates and guides from the Ruby and Rails programming
09 August 2019   409

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Ruby and Ruby on Rails news digest.

As always, we have prepared some great material for you. In this issue, you will learn, for example, how to migrate your Docker\Kubernetes Ruby app today, how to use Ruby unique method to remove duplicates, watch video on how to remove conditionals with Ruby's Array wrap method and many other things.


  • Don’t change the signature of Sidekiq jobs running in production

Author brings a lot of arguments to the statement, given in the header.

  • Fullstaq Ruby: First impressions, and how to migrate your Docker/Kubernetes Ruby apps today

Short, but interesting tutorial, which covers one of the aspects of Fullstaq Ruby.

  • How to Use The Ruby Uniq Method To Remove Duplicates

 Using uniq with a block provides even more power; great guide for the beginners.


  • Removing conditionals with Ruby's Array wrap method

  • Dev Quick Tips - Using Ruby's Reduce method to create a Hash of "Banana Bunch" Arrays


  • Tales of the Ruby Grimoire - Part One - The Grimoire

As author of this programming fairytale explains, this is the first of many tales of the legendary Ruby Grimoire, a great and terrible book of Ruby dark magics

  • Introducing the ‘aws-rails-provisioner’ gem developer preview

This gem is designed to help you define and deploy containerized Rails apps on AWS Fargate


  • Jekyll 4.0.0.pre.beta1 Released 

Pre beta1 of new major version of the solution, that allows to transform text in static websites and blogs

  • Ciao: An HTTP Monitoring Tool, Built on Rails 

Webapp that checks HTTP endpoints and can send notifications when something bad happens

  • Hightop: A Shortcut for Group Count Queries

Adds a top method to Enumberable so works with both plain old arrays or ActiveRecord.


  • RR 424: Documenting Your Code

David Kumira (Screencaster of Drifting Ruby, Panelist on Ruby Rogues), Nate Hopkins (CodeFund) and Andrew Mason (Full stack Ruby on Rails developer) talks why documenting your Ruby (and not only Ruby) code is valuable.