Ruby on rails developer salary

How much are Ruby developers paid in Russia?
19 May 2017   2371

A dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity.

The Russian job market for Ruby developers is growing. In April, Russian companies were ready to hire 158 developers, and in May they already needed 252.

The biggest number of job openings is in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk. 17 regions of the country, which are, in fact, remote from large IT centers, have one or two job openings each. But this is mostly remote work from Moscow employers looking for specialists in other regions for money saving reasons.

Distribution of rails vacancies mapDistribution of vacancies map

The leaders in salary level are Novosibirsk and Crimea, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.

Rails developer Salary in 10 regions with largest number of vacancies
Salary in 10 regions with largest number of vacancies 

The highest level of demand is for developers with up to 3 years of experience –60.5% of job openings. Only 3.5% of job openings are for specialists with over 6 years of work experience. However, the salary gap between these vacancies and job offerings for beginners is more than twofold.

Diagram with number of rails vacancies, sorted by experienceDiagram with number of vacancies, sorted by experience

Git 2.20 to be Available

Let's check updates and features of new version control system
11 December 2018   74

Distributed version control system Git has received another update. In order for Git 2.20 to appear, 83 developers made changes 962 to the zcode. According to the team, this is an order of magnitude higher than the same figure in the largest release of the 2.x.x branch.

The git branch -l command is now a shortened version of the git branch --list - it used to help run reflog during the creation of a new branch. Developers have limited the launch of git fetch: it is only possible with an indication of --force, to avoid problems with consistency when updating the link.

The git help -a and git help -av commands to help newbies display a more verbose output. To return to the old view, just type git help - no-verbose -a. In git send-email, it is possible to extract lines with addresses that end with “-by” from signatures. This is an incompatible change, and it can be disabled by adding to the --suppress-cc = misc-by command.

  • If the repository contains files whose addresses differ only in the case of letters, a warning will be displayed during the execution of git clone.
  • The git format-patch command received the --interdiff and --range-diff options, which in a note or comment list the differences between the existing and previous versions.
  • git mailinfo learned how to recover code patches sent by email with plain text and damaged due to hyphenation.
  • git multi-pack-index now fixes damage in .midx files.
  • Creating experimental commit-graph files for large repositories takes a lot of time, so the developers have provided a form of output about the state of the process.

Performance and Development Support

  • For working builds, the -Wunused-function compilation option is provided.
  • git submodule update is completely rewritten in C.
  • One of the continuous integration (CI) tests, designed to work with the unusual/experimental/random settings, now supports midx and commit-graph files.
  • A new mechanism for finding objects among a large number of pack-files. It relies on combining all .idx files into one.

The previous version of the system was released in September 2018.