Ruby on Rails developer salary in Russia October 2017

Russian Ruby on Rails developers labor market analysis according to the results of October, 2017
10 October 2017   2845

We publish the analysis of the labor market of developers in Russia monthly. For Ruby on Rails developers there were 766 vacancies. The vacancy rates were distributed as follows. 

Salary EstimateRuby on Rails Russia October 2017
Ruby on Rails developer salary estimate 

The most of the developers are required in Moscow, the least in some remote areas.

Ruby on Rails developer vacancies in different cities Russian October 2017
Number of Ruby on Rails developer vacancies in different cities

Ruby on Rails developers are the most required by the following company brunches: 

  • IT, System Integration, Internet
  • Media, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Design, Production
  • Financial Sector

Number of vacancies in different companies Ruby on Rails Russia October 2017
Number of Ruby on Rails developer vacancies in different companies

According to the experience required, the vacancies are distributed as follows.

Number of vacancies by experience level Ruby on Rails Russia October 2017
Ruby on Rails developer vacancies by the experience level

The average salary for Ruby on Rails developer in Russia is about 1,872.

The analysis was carried out by the portal method using the data.

Ruby/RoR News Digest 9-15.11

The delegation challenge of Ruby 2.7, feedback about writing own Ruby book, testing at scale at Stripe podcast and even more
15 November 2019   125

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new "gemmy" programming news digest.

Learn how to handle attachmens in Action Text in Rails 6, download large Heroku Postgres backup, check the update of Tomo and more.


  • Handling Attachments in Action Text in Rails 6 

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  • Downloading Large Heroku Postgres Backups

Learn how to download big Heroke postgres backups in a proper and convenient way.


  • The Delegation Challenge of Ruby 2.7 

This is a somewhat odd situation where a change to arguments changes delegation so things are handled differently in Ruby 2.6, 2.7, and 3.0. It’s a tough nut to crack and a great example of language design related edge cases.

  • Feedback About Writing A Technical Ruby Book 

Author’s experience writing a book about programming.


  • Tomo

A "friendly" command-line tool for deploying Rails apps

  • Strings::Case

This solution allows you to convert strings between different cases

  • Reek

It will detect your code's smell, whatever that means

  • Invisible Captcha

Spam protector for Rails apps


  • Testing Active Job in Ruby on Rails


  • Discussing Testing at Scale at Stripe

In 48 minute interview, Nelson Elhage who spent 7 years at Stripe spearheading developer productivity initiatives, shares what he learnt and digs into why Stripe created the Sorbet Ruby type checker.