Ruby under a microscope book review

A book, that gives you a Ruby "under the hood" overview
16 August 2017   2641

Ruby is very powerful programming language, focused on simplicity, but "under the hood" syntax it performs countless invisible tasks.

Ruby under a microscope cover
Ruby under a microscope cover

Ruby Under a Microscope gives you a great overview of Ruby's core, with diagrams and large amount of explanations, showing how Ruby is implemented (no other programming language skills required). Pat Shaughnessy, an author, takes a scientific approach, laying out a series of experiments with Ruby code to take you behind the scenes of how programming languages work. Additionally, you will find information about such topics as JRuby and Rubinius (two alternative implementations of Ruby), also in-depth explorations of Ruby’s garbage collection algorithm.

Ruby Under a Microscope will teach you:

  • How a few computer science concepts underpin Ruby’s complex implementation
  • How Ruby executes your code using a virtual machine
  • How classes and modules are the same inside Ruby
  • How Ruby employs algorithms originally developed for Lisp
  • How Ruby uses grammar rules to parse and understand your code
  • How your Ruby code is translated into a different language by a compiler

No programming language needs to be a black box. Whether you’re already intrigued by language implementation or just want to dig deeper into Ruby, you’ll find Ruby Under a Microscope a fascinating way to become a better programmer.

Covers Ruby 2.x, 1.9 and 1.8

You can get this book at No Starch Press.

Ruby/RoR News Digest 11 - 17.01

A migration path to Bundler 2+, the updated Ruby bibliography, testing signed and encrypted cookies in rails and more
17 January 2020   69

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Ruby news digest.

Learn the 3 ways webpack surprises coders, about the the pros and cons of using structure.sql in your Rails app, developers feedback on contributing to Ruby MRI and many other interesting things.


  • A Migration Path to Bundler 2+

The migration path the Bundler team could use for moving to Bundler 2+

  • 3 ways Webpack surprises web developers

Check what skilled learned helping with Webpack questions on StackOverflow for a month and why it may be really surprising even for the experienced programmer

  • The Ruby Bibliography

Great and recently updated list of must-read Ruby books

  • The Pros and Cons of Using structure.sql in Your Rails App 

Learn about the great differences and benefits of using structure.sql against the default schema.rb schema formats in your RoR apps

  • Contributing to Ruby MRI

Developer's feedback on contributing to the big Ruby "thing"


  • Effectively Using Materialized Views in Ruby on Rails

Learn what gives the materialized views in Postgres and how to use them in Rails

  • Testing Signed and Encrypted Cookies in Rails

Somethings, even such tasks come across the devs, so it's time to learn how to do that by checking author's experience


  • Rufo

An opinionated ruby formatter, intended to be used via the command line as a text-editor plugin

  • Solidus

Free and open-sourced ecommerce platform, built on the Rails


  • 165: Rubyfmt with Penelope Phippen

The talk of 4 hosts (Coraline Ada Ehmke (speaker, writer, teacher, open source advocate and technologist with 20 years of experience), Jamey Hampton (an artist who turned into a programmer), Rein Henrichs(software developer) and Mandy Moore (show manager and producer of Greater Than Code)) with a Ruby developer and director of Ruby Central, ex-maintainer of RSpec about the popular code formating tool