Ruby\RoR News Digest 30.06 - 5.07

Let's check what happened in Ruby programming this week and learn about latest updates and news
05 July 2019   866

Greetings! I hope your week went great! Here's new Ruby/RoR news digest.

Articles and Guides

  • 6 changes you might have missed coming in Ruby 2.7

Learn about some tiny, but interest thing you really may not noted in this Ruby version.

  • Sorbetting a gem, or the story of the first adoption

As you may remember, new type checker for Ruby called Sorbet was released last week;  in this article, programmer shares his thoughts and impressions on the topic.

  • I just made Ruby++

The ++ implementing was more difficult. than expected.

  • Brewing our own Template Lexer in Ruby

A practical walkthrough of building a basic lexer (the parser part will come later) as a way to implement your own templating language

  • Rails 6 adds support for Multi Environment credentials

In Rails 6, different environments credintials can now be stored in separate files personal key for each.

  • In-App Payments Backend Using Ruby


  • HTTP Debugging for Ruby

Free version available too.

Ruby\RoR News Digest 1.07

Find out what was happening in the world of "jewel" programming last week (June 22 - 30)
01 July 2019   328

Hello! We continue our new heading - Novostonoy Digest. I hope you enjoyed the last issue.

Let's see what happened in the Ruby world last week.

Articles and guides

New article from the great and beautiful Aaron Peterson. Without cats, but also kind of interesting!

  • On Ruby and type checkers.

As the name suggests, the author talks type checkers in the Ruby programming language.

  • Rails 6 adds Array#extract!

In Rails 6, the extract! command removes and returns items for which this block returns true (unlike reject! which returns an array). A new small article describes this, with a code example.

  • How to Use The Ruby Begin & Rescue Keywords (With Examples).

I think everything is clear from the heading.


  • Puma 4: New I/O 4 Your Server

New version of the popular web server for Ruby \ Rack. In this version, performance on UNIX systems was increased significantly.

Also, fresh podcasts:

  • Discussion on ActionView :: Component with Joel Hawksley


  • A chat with Eileen M. Uchitelle, part of the Rails Core team


  • Conversation about the life and death of Rails apps with Olivier Lacan