RUSAL and AA! LAB will build mining farm

It will be located in Karelia by on the basis of aluminum plant
01 December 2017   1240

The United Company RUSAL, the largest aluminum producer outside of China, has established cooperation with the cryptocurrency miner to revive the full-fledged work of one of its aluminum plants in the north of Russia.

RUSAL will build a data center at its Nadvoitsy plant, which will charge for the provision of IT services, such as personal data analysis and technical training. Bulgarian company AA! LAB is working on creating a production capacity for the development of cryptocurrency systems and is the first partner in this project.

The data center will bring a new income to the metallurgical plant, which uses only half of its capacity. The cold climate allows you to use less electricity to keep machinery in good condition. IT companies will also have access to cheap electricity from the nearby En + Group hydropower plant, which serves the plant.

At the first stage, the data center will be equipped with 5000 computational units, servers and workstations, the estimated power consumption of this equipment will be 6 megawatts of energy. The manufacturer also allocated about 12 acres of free space in the territory for future data center needs.

FCC Demanded a Miner to Turn Off his Mining Hardware

The FCC concluded that the mining rig was generating spurious emissions and causing harmful interference on T-Mobile’s broadband network
21 February 2018   58

According to the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) notification, it has received a complaint from T-Mobile with regards to “interference to its 700 MHz LTE network in Brooklyn, New York” during last year. The commission’s agents confirmed that the “radio emissions in the 700 MHz band were emanating from…an antminer s5 bitcoin miner.”

In the notification, the FCC states that ‘the device was generating spurious emissions on frequencies assigned to T-Mobile’s broadband network and causing harmful interference”.

The commission issued a warning to the owner of the mining hardware Victor Rosario. He was not allowed to continue the operation of the device because it caused harmful interference. A violation of the Federal laws cited above and could subject the operator to severe penalties, including, but not limited to, substantial monetary fines, in rem arrest action to seize the offending radio equipment, and criminal sanctions including imprisonment.

According to the FCC, it has not made a determination as to whether or not other Antminer S5s produce disruptive emissions in the 700 MHz band. It also emphasizes that it does not wish to suggest that all Antminer S5 devices are noncompliant but it aware that devices can be modified in a manner that creates harmful interference.