Russian scientists will investigate the damage from spinners

Research organizations in the field of child and adolescent health will study the spinners influence on children's health  
18 July 2017   563

The Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor), which checks the safety of products, goods and services, will check the spinners available in the country's market. The department announced this on July 18.

The organization will explain that: "Recently, there has been an aggressive advance in the children's and adolescent environment of so-called spinners in Russia. Taking into account the alarm of the parents 'and teachers' community, Rospotrebnadzor together with research organizations in the field of child and adolescent health will study the impact of spinners on children's health, including possible negative consequences.

Rospotrebnadzor is not informed how the parent and teaching community of the country expressed its concern, whether it was a request from the parents or teachers for the department, a letter from the parents 'or teachers' associations. Similarly, the department does not disclose which issues of the use of spinners are alarmed by abstract parents and teachers and what aspects of the use of spinners will be subject to verification.

Despite the fact that the check is only planned, Rospotrebnadzor has already released on its website recommendations to parents on the purchase of speakers for their children.

- do not buy spinners in unidentified places, with hands;
- because spinners are sold in a different price range, including through foreign Internet resources, they can be made of material that does not meet the mandatory requirements, when buying products, you should pay attention to foreign sharp chemical smell, increased noise. If these shortcomings are discovered, the use should be discarded;
- if children play with the toy, periodically check the toy for broken parts;
- Spinners with luminous elements and miniature galvanic batteries ("clock" batteries) should be used by preschool children under the supervision of adults in order to avoid swallowing or entering small parts in the nasal passages.

The scientific base for research already appeared to have been created. In the press release of Rospotrebnadzor there is a very strange and naive thing about what a spinner is and how it works.

A spinner is a device that has one axis and keeps its position permanently. The user keeps his fingers on the inner, fixed part and untwists the outside. The spinner is designed so that to start it is easy enough to touch with your finger. It consists of several petals, which have an effect of weighting and placed in the center of the bearing. That is, the bearing is located in the center, and the petals are perpendicular to its axis. The weight of the individual parts is selected to keep the spinner spinning as long as possible.

The results of the research of Russian scientists will be described after the publication of this study.

How do you think : is the spinner dangerous for health?

If you spin a spinner, then which of the listed threats identified by the Russian department you have already encountered.

Yes - very dangerous, as the Russian department says there is a threat from batteries, I've already swallowed 20 pieces.
75% (3 votes)
Yes - it's very dangerous, and it tore off four fingers and now forced to code with the six remaining.
25% (1 vote)
Yes - very dangerous. I bought a spinner on the outskirts of the city and they robbed me there.
0% (0 votes)
Yes - it's very dangerous. I bought a spinner online and it was made of smelly stuff. My house is all smelly.
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Total votes: 4