Rust Team to Ask Community's Opinion

Rust team, willing to know community's feeadback, launchs the State of Rust Survey 2018
10 August 2018   627

Developers of the programming language Rust announced the opening of the State of Rust Survey 2018. The users are required to answer 16 questions that will help the team to identify the weak points of the project. According to the authors, the survey takes 10-15 minutes. The text is translated into 14 languages.

It is important for the team to know the respondents' opinion about the instruments and libraries of the ecosystem. Also, developers want feedback on their current priorities and activities in public projects.

The Rust Community Team is pleased to announce our 2018 State of Rust Survey! Whether or not you use Rust today, we want to know your opinions. Your responses will help the project understand its strengths and weaknesses and establish development priorities for the future.

Rust Team

The collection of responses will close on September 8, 2018, and the results of the study will be published in the official blog within 1-2 months. To keep anonymity, just do not specify an email address. 

Help Rust team and community, take part in the survey.

Mozilla to Release New Version of Rust

There're a lot of updates and new features in new version of programming language
15 April 2019   183

Mozilla released new version of Rust programming language, 1.34. The language focuses on safe memory management, provides automatic memory management and provides the means to achieve high parallelism in the execution of tasks, while avoiding the use of garbage collection and runtime.

Automatic memory management in Rust saves the developer from manipulating pointers and protects against problems arising from low-level work with memory, such as accessing the memory area after it is released, dereferencing null pointers, going out of the buffer boundaries, etc. To distribute the libraries, provide the build and manage the dependencies of the project, the Cargo package manager is developed, which allows you to get the necessary libraries for the program in one click. The library contains the repository.

These are main updates:

  • Added tools to work with alternative package registries that can coexist with the public registry in the Cargo package manager.
  • The section [registries] is provided for adding external registries to .cargo/config (located in $HOME or in the package directory), and the option "registry" appeared in Cargo.toml to use an external registry in the description of each dependency.
  • Added full support for using the ? Operator in doctests tests that allow the use of sample code from the documentation as tests. 

Get more info at official website.