Salvation from the Cryptokitties hogging up the network successfully tested

Plasma protocol tested to provide near-instant Etherium transactions
28 December 2017   409

By now everyone heard of Cryptokitties. The collectible game had taken Etherium network by storm and the popularity hasn't decreased since its launch in December 2017. And the point of the collectible game is to gather, trade, breed unique kitties and boast how much of them you have and how rare they are.

The problems arose on the first days since launch, because Cryptokitties utilize main Etherium network and, therefore, operations have to be computed alongside fund transactions. What have previously taken mere minutes to complete now has to wait for a break in kitty-actions. And kitties are quite a hungry bunch! They take up to 20% of total Etherium traffic by now. All of that leads to rise in gas prices, because users try to push their transactions for a faster confirmation.

But fear not, because salvation is near. Bankex is developing a new protocol – Plasma – to offload the transactions from the main chain, akin to Lightning/Raiden network. The underlying technology is quite simple – users have to transfer funds from main network to BANKEX daughter network and after that the company resolves any operations via a smart contract to remove the user-to-user operations from equation, so there wouldn't be any problems encountered in Raiden with their disputes between end users.

During the first test of Plasma protocol on Rinkeby network the transaction per second ratio was about 5 thousand, which is already 250 times faster than main Etherium network. The final working version of Plasma will support up to 100 000 transactions per second. And all of that at no cost!

So, fear not, the Kitties will be brought to heel and money will flow, just wait a little longer

BitStarz Adds Ethereum and Dogecoin Support

From this article you will learn all the necessary details of BitStarz Casino announcement regarding accepting Ethereum and Dogecoin for deposits and wagers
22 February 2018   58

BitStarz is a seamless and satisfying online casino platform. Blending with BitStarz digital currency support is a stacked game selection of more than 1,000 games, power-packed promotions, and trademark live support with personality. Backed by an Antillephone N.V, Curacao gaming license, BitStarz delivers record smashing withdrawal speeds for a friendly player community that just keeps growing. 

With an undeniable eye for expansion, BitStarz Casino is showing that it is a true trailblazer, as it now accepts both Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE) for deposits and wagers. Raising the bar for altcoin acceptance and payment options, BitStarz has become one the world’s first online casinos to offer support for both of these high profile cryptocurrencies.

Bitstarz dogecoin ethereum supportBitStarz Accepting Dogecoin and Ethereum

Delivering plenty of power and adding a new dimension to BitStarz growing list of deposit options, ETH’s presence is certainly going to win over players. DOGE might not be breaking down the same barriers as ETH, but it’s certainly no less of a popular digital currency. Understanding Dogecoin’s position as one of the world’s most entertaining altcoins, BitStarz has not hesitated in allowing its members to use it play some of the most exciting casino games around.

The altcoin market has grown massively in recent months, with many digital currencies finding a foothold. The growth in altcoin uptake certainly has not escaped the attention of BitStarz, as it has done all that it can to listen to player demand. When you take on board the advantages of these coins, it is easy to see why they have been in gambler’s sights; with BitStarz giving its members exactly what they want. Bringing ETH and DOGE support to players, all members will now be able to deposit and play through these two leading cryptocurrencies.

We here at BitStarz take a huge amount of pride in being one of the most adaptive and inclusive online casinos in the world. For that reason, the list of deposit and withdrawal options just keeps growing, as we continue to expand our player base. Just recently we added LTC and BCH support to great success, so we’ve now decided to add ETH and DOGE to our cashier options as well. We are sure that with the increased number of payment options at hand moving forward, players are going to be able to enjoy BitStarz bonuses, promotions, and games that much more.

Srdjan Kapor

Marketing Manager, BitStarz

Officially ranked as the Best Casino of 2017 by AskGamblers, Bitstarz has blazed a trail for Bitcoin and digital currency gambling, delivering an unforgettable hybrid-currency online casino experience. Bitcoin heads up the list of payment options at BitStarz, but it by no means stands as the only way to deposit and wager. Joining LTC and BCH as recently added options, players are sure to find ETH and DOGE to be very welcome cashier additions.