Samsung Electronics to Launch ASIC Mass Production

South Korean company Samsung Electronics started manufacturing ASIC hardware for cryptocurrency mining from January 2018
30 January 2018   337

As the Korean media The Bell reports, Samsung Electronics has entered partnership with the Chinese mining hardware maker, and started the mass production of ASIC hardware for mining from January 2018.

Samsung Electronics company reported that the development of semiconductor ASIC was completed in the end of 2017.

We are in the middle of a foundry business that is being supplied to a virtual money mining company in China.

Samsung Electronics Statement

Priviously, Samsung Electronis has started the mass production of DRAM for graphic cards, which is suitable for digital money mining. The 16 Gb GDDR6 DRAM is twice as fast as conventional GDDR5 DRAM, and has low power desing, which improves power efficiency by more than 35% and can improve GPU performance for cryptocurrency mining.

TSMC is the Taiwan company which supplies semiconductor ASIC to major mining companies like Bitmain. TSMC and Samsung Electronics companies plan to maintain the ways of increasing revenue due to the increase in demand related to cryptocurrency turnover.

Mining Companies Approached Quebec

Miners are hoping to take advantage of Canadian electric utility Hydro-Quebec cheap rates
17 February 2018   142

During an interview with CTV News Montreal, spokesman Marc-Antoine Pouliot told that more than 100 crypto mining companies approached Hydro-Quebec. Few of them have already settled there.

According to Pouliot, some farms would consume more than 20x the power required for Montreal's sports and entertainment complex, The Bell Centre.

One project like that isn't a problem, but now we're talking hundreds.

Marc-Antoine Pouliot


Hydro-Quebec is attracting mining companies to the province with its low rates, but the cheap energy and cold weather - ideal for keeping mining machines cool.

Pouliot stated that Hydro-Quebec has a surplus of energy, which makes miners interesting clients. Taking this into account, Hydro-Quebec may raise energy rates for crypto businesses.