Saxo Bank to work with Nasdaq for New Investment Product

Saxo Bank, Danish brokerage, has joined Nasdaq to provide portfolio management services: the stocks are presented in the Nasdaq DW Global Momentum portfolio
07 June 2018   525

The portfolio is concentrated on developed and emerging markets stocks, it also does not include U.S. shares. The service is aimed on the providing to customers a tailored and cost-effective way to invest in a portfolio that includes 30-40 quality stocks. The composition is built on the base of a “relative strength” ranking that is couched by Dorsey Wright (DW), which is Nasdaq stock exchange`s subsidiary for investment research provision, and tools and solutions that help investors to overcome difficulties.

By combining our unique trading technology with Nasdaq’s expertise in investment management, we create a strong alternative to more traditional asset management solutions at a very competitive price. We are proud to turn Nasdaq’s research and methodology into actionable investment opportunities. Our SaxoSelect offering is underpinned by the belief that technology will profoundly change the asset management industry. Access to technology, demand for transparency, and focus on performance will change the way individuals manage their savings.
Kim Fournais
Founder, CEO, Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank’s automated trading and investment service SaxoSelect is to add and present this new product. The technology allows customers of the Danish bank to invest in pre-selected 28 portfolios suggested by various investment advisors like Morningstar and BlackRock.

The investment landscape continues to change with developments in technology and this has helped firms to develop scale by combining the complementary strengths of different participants.
Jay Gragnani
Head, Nasdaq Dorsey Wrights’s Research and Client Engagement

In the framework of the software resolution suggested by Saxo Bank, SaxoSelect users can see each of the stocks in their portfolio. The assets that are held in the portfolio are physical shares, which can be tracked in the real time by the customers via the SaxoTraderGO platform. The new portfolio is aimed on the high growth, purchasing momentum stocks through Nasdaq Dorsey Wright’s “relative strength” methodology.

Huobi Group to Launch Trading Service for Big Customers

The service is positioned as an "an exclusive channel for institutions to ensure safe, compliant and rapid deposit-withdrawal of high-value assets"
15 August 2018   130

Huobi Group launched a new trading service for institutional market participants. 

The service is positioned as an "an exclusive channel for institutions to ensure safe, compliant and rapid deposit-withdrawal of high-value assets."

At the first stage, the service will be available for 100 institutional customers of Huobi. The latter will be able to perform up to 10 I / O operations on a first come, first served (FCFS) basis.

A range of new services will include the following options:

  • an exclusive channel for institutions, providing a safe, fast and legal withdrawal of funds;
  • multitasking, allowing to use in trading a lot of positions, strategies and open up to 1000 sub-accounts;
  • individual limits on the volume of transactions and borrowed funds;
  • individual customer support;
  • access to analytical data of the research department of the company, as well as investment strategies of Huobi Quant Academy.

In addition, for institutional clients, there will be regular Mitaps dedicated to the development of the industry, which will also offer participation in various investment projects.