SBI Ripple Asia started cross-border payments testing

Ripple shows huge price jump on the background of this event 
15 December 2017   1820

Created by SBI Ripple Asia, a consortium of 61 banks announced the beginning of testing of Ripple blockchain for cross-border payments.

Two large South Korean financial institutions participate in the pilot project - Woori Bank and Shinhan Bank, with total market capitalization exceeding $ 30 billion. As reported on the company's website, cross-border payments between Japan and South Korea through a distributed RippleNet network are being implemented for the first time.

According to representatives of the consortium, Ripple technology can significantly reduce the costs of cross-border payments, eliminate intermediaries and make transactions instant.

In addition, the Japanese banking consortium created a working group that will study the possibilities of blockchain and XRP for institutional market participants. 

The Japan Bank Consortium’s pilot with Woori Bank and Shinhan Bank brings us closer to sending money in an important corridor. The use of RippleNet to send cross-border payments reinforces that financial institutions are ready to provide a modern payments experience and enable to the Internet of Value.

Emi Yoshikawa
Director of partnerships, Ripple

South Korea is the third most important trading partner of Japan. In case of successful test results, the first real cross-border payments between these countries will be implemented in the spring of 2018.

It is also worth noting that, against the backdrop of positive news from Asia, Ripple's crypto currency is demonstrating staggering growth. Over the past seven days the price of XRP has increased by 200%.

 Top 5 cryptocurrencies
Top 5 cryptocurrencies

Ripple was able to push down Bitcoin Cash from the 3rd spot.
At the moment of press, these are main XRP market parameters:

  • Average price $0,784776
  • Market Cap $30 401 551 136
  • 24h Volume $6 202 070 000

XRP is most traded at:

  1. Bithumb 29.97%
  2. Poloniex 11.75%
  3. Bittrex 11.19%

UAE to Launch Ripple's Based Payment System

The system is focused on Asian markets and, according to the head of UAE Exchange will be supported by “one or two banks” working with the RippleNet
14 December 2018   107

UAE Exchange payment company based in the United Arab Emirates creates a blockchain payment system along with Ripple, Reuters reports.

The system is focused on Asian markets and, according to the head of UAE Exchange Promot Manghat, will be supported by “one or two banks” working with the RippleNet payment network. Its launch is planned in the first quarter of next year.

It is worth noting that in the UAE there are many workers from other Asian countries.
More than a third of remittances from this country go to India, 8.8% to Pakistan and 6.9% to the Philippines. Thus, the payment corridor being developed may in the future take a significant share of the international transfer market.

Blockchain holds tremendous promise for the industry but there is progress to be made before we see it go fully mainstream. We expect to go live with Ripple by Q1, 2019 with one or two Asian banks. This is for remittances to start with, from across the globe into Asia.

Promoth Manghat
Executive director and chief executive, Finablr

According to the information on the UAE Exchange website, the service works with 140 banks and is represented in 31 countries.