Scottish Baroness to Fail to Conduct ICO

EQUI Capital, founded by Scottish Baroness Michelle Mone, raised only $7M with $80M hardcap
06 September 2018   409

The investment platform EQUI Capital, founded by Scottish baroness Michelle Mone and businessman Doug Barrowman, failed to attract the desired $ 80 million during the ICO. According to the Coin Insider, even despite the extension of the deadline for the project, the project did not overcome the $ 7 million sum raised at the preselling stage.

In addition, the bounty promoters who promoted ICO in social networks and on other online sites stood against the company's leaderships. However, the founders of EQUI Capital proposed to solve this issue with the supervising bounty program by the company AmaZix.

Lady Mone has been mega busy in Silicon Valley dealing with our new founder so, to be honest she doesn’t have the time to be involved by Bounty people complaining over nothing. If they need to complain they should do this to the agency who hired them in the first place and not EQU.

Baroness' Representative

Meanwhile, in August, the official EQUI Capital blog announced the transformation of the company into an international one and announced the launch of the project under the EQUI Global brand with a new co-founder. As it turned out later, he was co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak. 

By the idea of Michel Mon, Equi, based of Ethereum was supposed to "iencourage women to invest in tech".

Earlier, the baroness lit up in yet another cryptoproject - the construction of a residential complex in Dubai for $ 325 million, an apartment in which it was planned to sell for bitcoins.

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Eidoo to Release Gold Backed Stablecoin

New stablecoin is called Ekon and it will be possible to it for one gram of gold of 999 test
20 September 2018   261

The Swiss blockchain start-up Eidoo has joined the ranks of projects launching own stablecoins, announcing the creation of a stable coin tied to the price of gold.

Eidoo's stablecoin is called Ekon and is a token compatible with the ERC-20 standard, which will be available in a multi-currency purse and on a hybrid decentralized project exchange. It will be possible to exchange 1 Ekon for one gram of gold of 999 test, which is in a special storehouse. Reserves of gold will be audited every 90 days, moreover, to increase confidence in the token, the company promises to be able to watch gold vault via a video camera.

The profit from the purchase and sale of Ekon within the Eidoo ecosystem will be converted into a native EDO project token.

Despite the uniqueness of the offer of the Swiss start-up, not all experts agree with its usefulness, since the price of precious metal is not so stable. So, for the last six months it has fallen by almost $ 150, however it has grown by $ 25 since the end of August.

In October 2017, Eidoo raised $ 27.9 million in a token, and in April of this year received a license from the Swiss Financial Services Standards Supervision Authority (VQF) under the national financial regulator (FINMA).