SEC Halts Munchee ICO for Securities Violations

Munchee Inc. has refunded tokens sold in a $15 million ICO following an investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
12 December 2017   1394

The SEC announced yesterday that Munchee Inc. had provided refunds to investors after officials made contact and drew issue with its token sale, which the agency said constituted the offer and sale of unregistered securities.

Munchee Platform is a decentralized blockchain food review social platform. In October and November, Munchee carried out the offering of MUN tokens to raise about $15 million.

Munchee ICO2Munchee Platform

According to the report, the SEC argued that the MUN tokens constitute securities because they were investment contracts. The document also notes that the tokens were ultimately deemed a security regardless of their utility when the sale took place.

Even if MUN tokens had a practical use at the time of the offering, it would not preclude the token from being a security. Determining whether a transaction involves a security does not turn on labelling – such as characterizing an ICO as involving a "utility token" – but instead requires an assessment of "the economic realities underlying a transaction".


The SEC order

It is stated that agency first contacted Munchee on the second day of the sale and after that the company did not deliver any tokens to purchasers. The SEC decided not to impose a penalty due to the fact that ICO immediately returned the proceeds and cooperated with the investigation.

Recently, we have reported that the SEC shuts down PlexCorp ICO and files charges against the founder.

TenX to Confirm Founder's Relation to Lyoness Pyramid

From 2011 to 2015, Julian Hosp was a “member” of Lyoness
10 December 2018   88

Representatives of the blockchain start-up TenX confirmed that TenX founder Julian Josp was involved in the activities of the Austrian financial pyramid Lyoness.

TenX's Reddit report says that from 2011 to 2015, Julian Hosp was a “member” of Lyoness. In the company he was engaged in marketing, sales, held lectures for other participants of the company. However, at the end of 2015, Hosp broke all ties with Lyoness.

Earlier, The Financial Telegram reported that TenX Hosp tried to remove all public data linking it with Lyoness before the ICO project. However, according to TenX, Julian Hosp never concealed that he was associated with Lyoness and even wrote about it in his book “25 Stories I Would Tell My Younger Self (2015)".

We would also like to clarify that the stories contained in the online articles and Julian’s past affiliations with Lyoness bear no relevance to TenX, and TenX has had no connection, association and/or affiliation with Lyoness at any time.

TenX at Reddit

According to Breaker, Lyoness is recognized as an illegal fraudulent scheme by the Supreme Court of Switzerland, the Austrian civil court and the Norwegian Gambling Council. About the connection of Hosp with the project it became known thanks to the “training” video from Lyoness, allegedly voiced by his Julian.