SEC to Interest Crypto Hedge Funds Operations

American regulators continues its operations in the cryptocurrency field
15 March 2018   500

The SEC began to request the crypto-currency hedge funds for information on their operational activities, Bloomberg reports. The regulator is interested in the methodology for evaluating crypto assets, as well as their storage system.

As part of its check, the SEC recently sent a number of requests to crypto-focused hedge funds asking how they price digital investments and seeking information on their compliance with rules meant to prevent the theft of investors’ cash.

The SEC has taken a very deliberate approach in this space. I think they are just trying to get a handle on the large ecosystem.

Peter Van Valkenburgh

Director of research, Coin Center

The number of crypto-currency hedge funds exceeds 220. Of these, 187 have opened since the beginning of 2017. Since most of these companies manage assets of less than $ 150 million, they do not need to register with the SEC.

Reddit Founder to Share Thoughts on Crypto Winter

Alexis Ohanian believes that overall market fall allows to clean industry from speculators and its good for long-time health
22 February 2019   110

The prolonged fall in the cryptocurrency market allows the industry to get rid of speculators, freeing up space for real cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This was announced by the founder of the Reddit social network, Alexis Ohanian, in an interview with Yahoo Finance.

He noted that such mass cleaning is beneficial to the industry’s long-term health.

Now, it's still to be seen. But what's a strong signal to me is still some of the smartest people I know in tech are working on solving these problems. They're building companies that are built on blockchain. The hype is gone. The fervor is gone. But I think that's a good thing.

Alex Ohanian

Founder, Reddit

In February, Reddit attracted $ 300 million investment and reached an estimate of $ 3 billion. The Chinese holding Tencent ($ 150 million), investment firms Sequoia and Fidelity, as well as the musician Snoop Dogg, took part in the round of financing.

Earlier, the head of Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead, said that market participants should not worry about cryptosis, as the current situation opens up good prospects for the future development of the bitcoin and blockchain industry.

A similar point of view was expressed by the founder of Morgan Creek, Anthony Pompiano, in November 2018, stating that the bear market is throwing "tourists" out of the game.