SEC to Seek Comment on Another Bitcoin ETF

Watchdog called for comments on a proposal by the Cboe to list and trade the SolidX Bitcoin Shares
28 June 2018   666

The US Securities and Exchange Commission again wants to receive a comment regarding the potential launch of the bitcoin ETF. This is reported by CoinDesk.

The watchdog is waiting for comments on the offer of the Cboe exchange to list and trade of SolidX Bitcoin Shares, which in turn was proposed by VanEck SolidX Bitcoin Trust.

ETF will invest exclusively in bitcoin, the document says, as its net assets will "consist of bitcoin held by the Trust utilizing a secure process."

According to Cboe's application, ETF securities will become a tool for investing in bitcoins by players in traditional markets. While operators will buy and sell bitcoins in accordance with the needs of customers, the "trust will not be actively managed".

The presented ETF was the result of cooperation between the investment firm VanEck and the start-up SolidX. It marks the third attempt of VanEck to launch a mechanism for investing in bitcoin.

VanEck CEO Jan van Eck considers bitcoin to be a "full-fledged investment opportunity and" digital gold, "which can find a place in investor portfolios," despite regulatory barriers that his company faced in the past.

We believe that collectively we will build something that may be better than other constructs currently making their way through the regulatory process. A properly constructed physically-backed bitcoin ETF will be designed to provide exposure to the price of bitcoin, and an insurance component will help protect shareholders against the operational risks of sourcing and holding bitcoin.

Jan van Eck

CEO, VanEck

Although previously several companies tried to launch their own bitcoin-ETF, the SEC forced them to withdraw their bids. Then the regulator said that, among other things, it was concerned about the problems of volatility and liquidity of the cryptocurrency.

G Suite & Target Twitter Accounts Hacked

Scammers hacked verified G Suite and Target Twitter account to use it for another fake "crypto giveaway"; 5.8634 bitcoins received
14 November 2018   63

Twitter accounts of one of the leaders in US retail Target and Google G Suite services were hacked by unknown, who immediately announced the free giveaway of bitcoins. The legitimate owners returned access to their pages quickly enough, but fraudsters still managed to get about $ 30,000.

After hacking the account G Suite, which has more than 800k subscribers, announced the distribution of 10 000 BTC. As reported by The Next Web, this post was deleted after 10 minutes. At the moment, Google has not commented on the situation.

Scammers message
Scammers message

Account Target, which has a little less than 2M subscribers, announced the distribution of 5 000 BTC.

Representatives Target confirmed hack of account, starting an investigation into the circumstances of the incident.

Early this morning, our Twitter account was inappropriately accessed. The access lasted for approx. half an hour & one fake tweet was posted during that time about a bitcoin scam. We have regained control of the account, are in close contact with Twitter & are investigating now.

As exploers show, there were no transfers to the of hackers of the G Suite account. However, with the help of a post on the Target page, attackers were able to get 5.8634 bitcoins.