Seized Crypto Agent Posititon May be Created in US

As reported, U.S. Marshals Service is looking to set up an agent for managing confiscated cryptocurrency
12 March 2019   291

The US Marshals Service (USMS) is considering the feasibility of establishing the position of an agent who will be entrusted with managing confiscated bitcoins and other cryptocurrency. Cointelegraph reported this with reference to public documents published recently.

The documents are part of the Request for Information on the procedural rules for the management and sale of seized cryptocurrency assets.

A key element of the US Department of Justice’s asset confiscation program, of which the USMS is a member, is the position of an agent or contractor who will deal with the management and sale of cryptocurrencies seized or seized. As the agency hopes, this will allow it to improve existing practices for storing such assets.

Thus, in the first document, USMS describes the full range of services for the management and sale of seized cryptocurrency, including general procedures and the responsibility of the contractor. In particular, it will have to ensure the accuracy and security of transactions, including direct exchange of cryptocurrency for US dollars, exchange for more liquid cryptocurrency and return of assets to the owner.

The contract also describes other tasks of the contractor: financial statements, work with clients, supervisory audit, management of blockchain forks, creation of wallets, etc.

In the second quality assurance monitoring document, USMS introduces a contractor performance evaluation system.

As the department notes, the documents are published solely for information and planning purposes and are not a request for tender proposals or a promise to make such a request in the future.

Firefox to Implement Hidden Miner Protection

This is just one of new features of web browser; for example, it now blocks tracking of user devices by digital fingerprints
22 May 2019   75

The new release of the Firefox web browser adds support for additional measures that focus on privacy and user security.

With the introduction of the new Firefox Quantum browser in 2017 we changed the look, feel, and performance of our core product. Since then we have launched new products to complement your experience when you’re using Firefox and serve you beyond the browser. This includes Facebook Container, Firefox Monitor and Firefox Send. Collectively, they work to protect your privacy and keep you safe so you can do the things you love online with ease and peace of mind.

Opera Team

In particular, the browser now blocks tracking of user devices by digital fingerprints  by website owners, as well as scripts for hidden mining of cryptocurrencies.

For the first time, intentions to introduce additional measures of protection were announced in August 2018 by Mozilla Foundation. Last month, the update successfully passed the testing phase.

Opera 60 or Reborn 3 desktop browser was previously released with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet and native Web 3 blockchain based internet support. In the future, Opera plans to support not only ERC-20 tokens, but also coins created on TRON blockchain.