Shift Roadmap Unveiled

Let's check what the team is going to represent in the nearest future
19 February 2018   242

According to the team, Shift is capable of serving dynamic content with performance that rivals or surpasses heavy servers. Shift also includes advanced capabilities for running an entire decentralized application ecosystem, not just the Phantom dApp, and Shift can deliver tokenized services with smart revenue models.

Shift Roadmap

  • 'Get Started' Website Guides - 2018-03-31
    • The cluster of storage nodes has reached a development stage enabling test usage, so we are accordingly increasing efforts toward making the platform easy to use. The unofficial motto of Shift, “it just has to work,” also applies to user interaction. These how-to guides will help new users in a variety of ways, and are scheduled to release at various intervals over Q1 2018.
  • Involving Tech Companies 2018-03-31
    • After the Phantom prototype has been thoroughly subjected to public testing, we will use various means to entice new users to the Shift platform, such that the mainnet release can occur with many clients already lined up to use paid hosting services. Further details will be announced.
  • Decentralized Explorer 2018-03-31
    • Shift’s explorer uses sockets, meaning that messages are constantly being pushed to the client so the page displayed in the web browser doesn’t need to be refreshed. This cannot be done without a backend. The explorer also uses caching, so it therefore needs a file system. At the moment, the backend is excessively intertwined with the frontend. This makes it difficult to have the socket client at IPFS and the socket server at the explorer nodes, such that it is therefore impossible to host the explorer on the cluster. If the explorer’s code is rewritten, hosting it on the cluster should be possible. The explorer will be the first example of an “in real-time” dynamic website that is truly decentralized, even though IPFS’ pubsub is still in development and not yet completed as an alternative to traditional websockets.
  • New dPOS Consensus 2018-03-31
    • A new consensus algorithm, which will be unique in the dPOS niche of blockchain platforms, is under development. The new consensus algorithm and our motivation for its development will be explicated in the Introductory White Paper, in addition to being described and promoted by an animated video (currently in production for release in Q1). This planned change presupposes the consensus of the community, but we are confident in the community’s support because in the long run it will benefit everyone.
  • New Voting Calculation 2018-03-31
    • The principles behind voting weight will be overhauled: the current setup highly favors large token-holders, but we want to stimulate a more flourishing ecosystem by ensuring that individual votes carry more weight. The new voting calculation will be unique in the niche of dPOS blockchain platforms, and shall be explained and promoted through its own animated video. This planned change presupposes the consensus of the community, but we are confident in the community’s support because in the long run it will benefit everyone. The new voting calculation and our motivation for its development will also be explicated in the Introductory White Paper (JAN 18).
  • Block Reward Division to the Project Wallet 2018-03-31
    • One of Shift’s strengths is that it has used an entirely equitable model of token distribution. However, increasing project development funds would help Shift remain ahead of its competition as well as maintain the business development and marketing activities necessary for becoming a market leader. The Shift Team furthermore pays its primary development and marketing personnel a salary, and intends to hire additional developers. We are therefore seeking consensus to reserve 0.1 SHIFT out of every 1.1 block reward that is forged, for the purpose of supporting the project’s growth. Because this requires the consensus of the network, the Shift Team understands the need for and shall provide transparency about the purposes of this funding. Specifications will be presented in the Introductory White Paper (JAN 18).
  • Hydra: IPFS Content Management System 2018-03-31
    • Hydra is a custom IPFS-compatible Content Management System (CMS) that provides a storage solution for dynamic data. This component is included with Shift in order to make web development on our platform simple and user-friendly. Our own webpage has been created with the assistance of this CMS system.
  • Fully Stable Sidechain 2018-03-31
    • The Phantom dApp runs on its own sidechain, which operates in synchronization (i.e., with the same block time of 27 seconds) with the main chain. The stability of this chain will be thoroughly tested before we enable atomic swapping with the main chain. This way the usage of the storage layer controlled by blockchain technology will have no negative effect on the main chain’s stability.
  • Automatic Snapshot 2018-03-31
    • A script will automatically create a healthy blockchain snapshot every day. This enables delegate nodes to rebuild from an official snapshot using shift_manager, which is always up-to-date. This function will ensure up-to-date snapshots of the blockchain, which serve to quicken the recoveries of block producers that are behind the common block height, and also to minimize the need for rebuilding the blockchain completely for new delegates.
  • Release Six Month Marketing Plan 2018-03-31
    • With the establishment of a marketing team, activities to promote investment and adoption are now in planning over the scale of a six month marketing calendar. Some of the marketing team’s plans and activities will be released in Q1 for sharing and discussion within the community. Plan details will showcase the joint efforts of our in-house staff and our team’s external partners.
  • Message Encryption 2018-03-31
    • We are making small changes to enhance transaction anonymity. We intend to add a non-mandatory feature enabling users to send encrypted transactions between accounts, via their wallets. The encryption of a message will use the recipient’s public key to ensure that a user will only be able to decrypt the message if he/she knows the recipient.
  • Web Wallet Update v7.0.0 2018-03-31
    • An update of the current web wallet will accommodate the development changes that occur in Q1. The web wallet will also be redesigned to match the look of the new website, and to implement select UI improvements.
  • Nano Wallet Update v2.0.0 2018-03-31
    • An update of the current Nano wallet will accommodate the development changes that occur in Q1.
  • Sidechain Explorer 2018-05-31
    • The Phantom sidechain will be added for visibility within the existing explorer.
  • Cross-Chain Automation 2018-06-01
    • The ability to atomic swap between chains is one of the “holy grail” features sought in crypto: it enables decentral automation and skips the need for intermediaries. For Shift, this feature is required to ensure a healthy economical eco-system for the main chain and sidechains.
  • Blockchain Integration with IPFS Cluster 2018-06-30
    • The usage of the IPFS storage layer (the Shift-cluster) will be controlled by blockchain technology. The IPFS cluster therefore must be integrated with Phantom’s sidechain. (Details of the theoretical model for our blockchain-controlled IPFS cluster will be explicated in the Introductory White Paper (JAN 18).
  • Phantom dApp UI 2018-06-30
    • For mass adoption, the Phantom dApp needs a very strong and accessible user interface. The further development of the UI is scheduled for its final stretch in Phase 3.
  • Business White Paper (To Precede Mass-Market Release) 2018-12-31
    • This last and final white paper will present the main contents of the three preceding white papers in a less technical, condensed manner for mainstream audiences. This paper will accompany the official release of the public version on mainnet. This white paper thus intends to offer an easily digestible explanation of Shift in its entirety, and toward this end will include enhanced visuals such as LATEX layout formatting and the ample use of infographics.
  • Financial White Paper (Release Date TBD)
    • This paper will present the academic findings of our research collaboration for developing Shift’s smart revenue model, both in terms of the methodology that was used and the economic results that will be yielded by our finalized parameter values. This paper’s intended audience includes the hosts of delegates and storage nodes, as it will give these individuals the tools needed for calculating the potential side-income which can be generated by hosting a node. Our aim is to offer transparency of all expenses for all mechanisms involved in the network.
  • Technical White Paper (Release Date TBD)
    • The Technical White Paper is intended for a developer audience. Its content will be closer in nature to a Blue paper, with very technical descriptions of Shift’s tech. I.e., these descriptions include all the technical details of our platform. This paper will serve the purpose of making it easy for developers to code applications on the Shift platform. This white paper will be released at a suitable point in the Shift platform’s testing phase.

Monetha is about to release first version of its wallet app

Monetha's MVP to be released on March 21 exclusively for MTH holders in order to make a significant step towards fully working decentralized trust and reputation system
23 March 2018   72

Starting from March 31 all of MTH token holders will gain exclusive access to Monetha wallet app - the MVP of the project. The release is considered to be Beta release, and approximately 10,500 of the users of the platform will become the first to test out the product. The app will be available on both iOS and Android.

The wallet itself is based on smart contracts and features

  • making/solving claims;
  • rating merchants;
  • writing reviews;
  • review of purchase history;
  • see clients' and merchants' trust ratings

The integration with Monetha through the app will allow merchants to accept Ethereum based tokens as a payment and then easily convert cryptocurrency into fiat currency. Monetha's mission is 'to develop and deploy the best transaction system that would be based on enforceable contracts without third party between consumer and merchants and a strong decentralised reputation management system'. Its solution is going to be universal, transparent, self-executing and transferable.

To the moment of the publication, Monetha's market parameters are as follows:

Average price: $0.102597

Market cap: $22,274,083

Volume (24): $435,208