​​​​​​​Shivom Teams Up With SingularityNet for Genomic Research

Shivom announces its partnership with SingularityNet to advance AI-driven genomic and medical analytics that work to improve the quality of living
29 June 2018   668

Shivom, the decentralized platform creating the world’s largest genomic data hub, is announcing its partnership with SingularityNet, the blockchain-based platform and marketplace for Artificial Intelligence. Shivom and SingularityNet will combine blockchain, AI, and genomic research into a cross-disciplinary, information-theoretic technology to achieve advanced, personalized medical analytics.

Shivom’s decentralized platform will provide an integrated solution for patients and genome data donors, in which genomes can be sequenced and securely stored. This creates an open-web marketplace that service providers, such as pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, governments, patient-support groups and insurance companies, can use. Service providers will be able to add their apps and services alongside genomic data analytics and personalized medicine to the platform. SingularityNET’s bio-AI team is involved with a number of research projects including those that look at the genomics of longevity in an effort to support medical research aimed at maximizing the healthy human lifespan.

SingularityNET and Shivom established a partnership to connect their networks and maximize  the respective science and engineering teams of each company. Once the integration is complete, AI agents on SingularityNET that require genomic or other biological data to complete tasks will be able to request datasets from Shivom. In return, if a Shivom customer requests that AI analytics are to be performed on the medical data they have uploaded, the Shivom network will be able to request the technology from SingularityNET. SingularityNET and Shivom expect to accelerate these services through their combined networks, providing customers, researchers, and medical professionals with a clear and enhanced understanding of personalized health analytics.

We are excited to work with SingularityNET. AI approaches are well suited to model the complex dependencies in the regulatory landscape of our genome and can help to predict an individual’s probability of developing certain diseases. Such information should be made actionable. As such, we are confident that AI will play a central role in our platform for achieving greater depth in the interpretation of genetic information such as how an individual’s genes may impact their lifestyle decisions or help their healthcare providers to design of potential therapies.

Dr. Axel Schumacher

Co-Founder and CEO, Shivom

This cross-network activity will occur with automatic conversion between SingularityNET AGI Tokens and Shivom Tokens, with appropriate encryption within data sharing, as well as the ability for cross-network rating and reputation management. SingularityNET and Shivom expect to create the underpinnings of these services, along with multiple further innovations in AI-driven genomic and medical analytics.

We are enthused to have the opportunity to support Shivom’s vision of next-era genomic research. The Shivom vision synergizes beautifully with the SingularityNET vision; the integration of Shivom’s technology, tools, and data with our SingularityNET mind-network will add more scope and intelligence into the field of personalized medical analytics.I. Together, we can achieve great things for medical science by utilizing high-quality datasets, SingularityNET’s algorithms and customer base for biomedical analytics services, and Shivom’s genomics-focused software.

Dr. Ben Goertzel

CEO, SingularityNET

What is Shivom?

Shivom is powering the next era of genomics through blockchain technology – protecting identity, personalizing healthcare and transforming lives. For the first time ever, a precision medicine ecosystem will offer an open web-marketplace for other providers to add not only genomics information, but also analytics, and associated apps and services to drive personalized medicine. We further aim to extend our services to form a global network of laboratories and research centres, as well as genetic counsellors and other relevant services. For further information, please visit:

What is SingularityNET?

SingularityNET’s core goal is to provide an intelligent fabric for AI algorithms to talk to each other — and in doing so, to provide both a teeming commercial marketplace for advanced AI solutions across vertical markets, and the basis for the emergence of the world’s first true Artificial General Intelligence. The SingularityNET founders believe in open source and decentralized control, so that no single individual, corporation, or government will be able to dominate AI as it becomes increasingly more intelligent and capable.

Crypto Investor to File Lawsuit Against AT&T

Michael Terpin believes that AT&T helped scammers to still his $24M worth crypto
16 August 2018   93

In the Los Angeles District Court, a 69-page lawsuit was filed by BitAngels founder Michael Terpin against the American telecom giant AT&T. Terpin claims that the operator assisted fraudsters in "stealing digital personal data" from the account on his smartphone, which is why he lost $ 24 million in cryptocurrency, according to an official release.

According to Terpin, for seven months, there were two hacks. Initially, an attacker got access to his phone number without providing a password or correct identification data. Later, the phone number was used to steal crypto.

AT&T’s studied indifference to protecting its customers’ privacy and financial assets is a metastasizing cancer, threatening hundreds of millions of unsuspecting AT&T’s customers. Our client had no idea when he initially signed up, nor when later he was promised the highest level of security for his account, that low-level retail employees with access to AT&T records, or people posing as them, can be bribed by criminals to override every system that AT&T advertises as unassailable.

Pierce O’Donnell
Lead counsel for Terpin in this complaint

Michael Terpin requires AT & T to pay him $ 224 million - $ 200 million for moral damages and $ 24 million for actual theft.