Siacoin to Undergo a Hardfork on Jan 21

The hardfork of Siacoin will occur at block 139,000 on January 21 to ensure that when ASICs begin mining Siacoin in 2018 the change in hashrate will not break Sia's consensus functionality
19 January 2018   5877

The moderator of the official Siacoin thread on Reddit has presented the information regarding the upcoming Siacoin hard fork. It will occur at block 139,000, and will not result in new coins, because this is going to be an uncontroversial hardfork and the development team has not expressed interest in supporting it.

Estimated time of Siacoin hard fork Estimated time for Siacoin hard fork at the moment of press

Moreover, it is known that there are two separate hardforks, and the first one have already occured at block 135,000, on December 6, 2017. But that hardfork contained an unforeseen bug, which became the reason for Siacoin to undergo a second hardfork, which will occur at block 139,000.

The main reason for the upcoming hard fork is that the difficult adjustment algorithm of Sia needs a change to make sure that when ASICs begin mining Siacoin in 2018, the massive change in hashrate will not break Sia's consensus functionality.

After the fork occures, the block times will be reduced from 30 minutes to 10 minutes, and for Siacoin miners it will bring mining yields back to the same level they were before the first hardfork.

Earlier today we have reported that AntPool, one of the largest crypto-currency mining pools, added support for the mining of the Siacoin token.

At the moment of press, these are the main market parameters of Siacoin:

  • Average price: $0,050988
  • Market cap: $1 600 832 980
  • 24h volume: $104 331 000

SBI Holdings to Start Mining Chips Manufacturing

The new enterprise will work in partnership with an unnamed major semiconductor manufacturer from the United States
22 March 2019   80

The Japanese financial conglomerate SBI Holdings announced the creation of a new enterprise that will focus on the production of chips and cryptocurrency mining systems.

The message on the company's website says that SBI Mining Chip Co. (SBIMC) is part of SBI Holdings digital asset strategy.

The new enterprise will work in partnership with an unnamed major semiconductor manufacturer from the United States, and a former head of Chip Estimate and WearSens Adam Trademan, will head it. Currently, Trademan heads the BRD mobile cryptocurrency wallet development company, in which SBI Holdings invested $ 15 million in January of this year.

Recall that its plans to launch a broad offensive against the cryptocurrency industry were announced by SBI Holdings in October 2017. Since then, the corporation has made numerous investments in various projects, and also intends to promote the mass adoption and practical use of the RR Xle XRP token.