Significant growth of Python

According to Stack Overflow, Python is fastest-growing major programming language
12 September 2017   1358

Python is one of the most popular programming language in the world. And recently new proof of this statement appeared. Stack Overflow, one of the most popular resource for all kind of coders, published the metrics, demonstrating the giant growth of Python's popularity.

We can see on Stack Overflow Trends that Python has been growing rapidly in the last few years. But let's focus on high-income countries, and consider visits to questions rather than questions asked (this tends to give similar results, but has less month-by-month noise, especially for smaller tags).

Stack Overflow Trends
Stack Overflow Trends

Data on Stack Overflow question views going back to late 2011, and in this time period Stack team considered the growth of Python relative to five other major programming languages. These are currently six of the ten most-visited Stack Overflow tags in high-income countries; CSS, HTML, Android, and JQuery aren't included.

Growth of major programming languages
Growth of major programming languages

In June, Python became the most visited tag on the developer community site for the first time among high income countries, including hitting top spot in the US and UK and being in the top two almost everywhere else, behind either Java or JavaScript.

OpenAI to Create Fake News Creating Algorithm

On the basis of one or two phrases that set the theme, it is able to “write” a fairly plausible story
18 February 2019   108

The GPT-2 algorithm, created by OpenAI for working with language and texts, turned out to be a master in creating fake news. On the basis of one or two phrases that set the theme, it is able to “compose” a fairly plausible story. For example:

  • an article about scientists who have found a herd of unicorns in the Andes;
  • news about pop star Miley Cyrus caught on shoplifting;
  • artistic text about Legolas and Gimli attacking the orcs;
  • an essay on how waste recycling harms the economy, nature, and human health.

The developers did not publish the source code of the model entirely, fearing abuse by unscrupulous users. For fellow researchers, they posted on GitHub a simplified version of the algorithm and gave a link to the preprint of the scientific article. The overall results are published on the OpenAI blog.

GPT-2 is a general purpose algorithm. The developers taught it to answer questions, “understand” the logic of a text, a sentence, finish building phrases. In this case, the algorithm worked worse than the model of a specific purpose. Researchers suggest that the indicators can be improved by expanding the training datasets and choosing computers more efficiently.