Singapore Cooperated with Indian State Government to Explore FinTech

The central bank of Singapore cooperated with the government of the Indian state of Maharashtra to jointly explore FinTech initiatives in areas including blockchain technology
26 February 2018   550

On Monday, The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and the Government of Maharashtra (GoM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen cooperation in promoting FinTech innovation including blockchain technology in the two markets.

Two entities will explore joint innovation projects that will see the application of financial technologies including blockchain, digital and mobile payments and big data. According to the MoU’s terms, it will enable regulatory discussions and an exchange of information and data on FinTech-related trends in order to encourage the development of the sector.

It is believed that this agreement will foster engagements between FinTech startups in Singapore and Indian state Maharashtra. A FinTech-based curriculum developed for educational programs in the Indian state is also being considered.

More than that, in Mumbai, will be established a Centre of Excellence (COE) and a marketplace for Singapore-based FinTech solutions.

The creation of a Centre of Excellence and marketplace for FinTech solutions in Maharashtra could create more opportunities for Singapore-based FinTech firms.

Sopnendu Mohanty

MAS FinTech chief

Caspian to Launch Crypto Derivatives Trading

Caspian does not charge commissions for depositing and withdrawing funds and provides leverage up to 100x
21 March 2019   83

Caspian, an asset-oriented asset management platform, has launched cryptocurrency derivatives trading.

Thanks to integration with Deribit, Caspian customers gained access to trading in futures and options for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, the platform will provide the opportunity to trade indefinite bitcoin-swap.

According to Caspian, the platform does not charge commissions for depositing and withdrawing funds and provides leverage up to 100x.

We are excited to be working with Deribit to make the trading of crypto options and futures possible within the institutional community. Our goal at Caspian is to provide crypto traders and investors the same standard of tools and service that exist in the traditional markets and its great knowing that the team at Deribit is working towards the same high standards.

Robert Dykes

CEO, Caspian

Caspian noted that their platform connects to Deribit via an API that supports “large trading volumes with extremely low latency”. The platform also has full access to the book of orders of the crypto-derivative stock exchange.