Skype to Support End-to-End Encryption

Looks like Microsoft tries to give more privacy for its users
22 August 2018   385

End-to-end encryption will work for all users of the latest version of Skype installed on devices based on Windows, iOS, macOS, Android and Linux. The option is not enabled by default, it needs to be activated in each new chat.


  • To start an encrypted chat, you need to select a user from the contact list and click "Start a private conversation". The feature works if both parties have the latest version of Skype installed.
  • All calls, messages and files are encrypted before the end of the conversation.
  • End-to-end encryption works only in one conversation and only on the device where it is launched. When you move from smartphone to computer, for example, you will need to start a new chat room to ensure privacy. All previous correspondence will remain on the phone.

Microsoft has already reported on 256-bit AES encryption for Skype. Company started considering end-to-end encryption in the beginning of 2018. On January 12, Microsoft announced a partnership with Open Whisper Systems to create Skype chats protected by end-to-end encryption based on Signal's open source protocol.

Epic Game to Open Online Services for Developers

First, the company will release the C SDK, which includes online services and integration with the Unreal Engine and Unity
14 December 2018   16

In 2019, the company plans to launch a large set of free online services for all game developers and distribute them as part of the GDPR agreement. They can be used in conjunction with any game engines, platforms and online stores.

Previously, these gaming services were designed specifically for Fortnite. During the existence of the game, Epic Games has tested them on 200 million players and 7 platforms.

First, the company will release the C SDK, which includes online services and integration with the Unreal Engine and Unity. It will only have a basic set of features available, but over time, Epic Games plans to expand it with the following cross-platform elements:

  • data storage and saving games in the cloud;
  • friends list, authorization, profile and rights management;
  • in-game voice communication system;
  • accounting of achievements and trophies;
  • group players and matches.

Also for the PC / Mac platforms, the Overlay API will be released, providing a user interface for logging into the game, a list of friends and other functions.

In the future, the company plans to add more features to the services - for example, creating custom content and anti-cheat system.