Slush 2018: World's Leading Startup Event

The cutting-edge technology conference, Slush 2018, is coming to Helsinki, Finland on December 4th - 5th. We can’t wait to enjoy the new amazing experiences it brings this year!
24 August 2018   1796

Slush is one of the most impressive events in the world of new disruptive technologies. It is a non-profit event organized by a community of entrepreneurs, investors, students and festival organizers. Slush has grown from a 300-person event to become the leading event of its kind in the world. The philosophy behind it has remained the same: to help the next generation of great, world-conquering companies forward.

Slush is a place which gathers the representatives from startups with pitching ideas, investors looking for the next successful projects, tech thinkers eager to discuss the latest trends, and celebrities giving their visions for the future. Slush brings together the leading actors of the global tech scene to Helsinki for something very special. Described by many as “Burning Man meets TED”, the event has grown in just a few short years to 20,000 attendees.

In 2017, Slush brought together 20,000 attendees, including 2,600 startups, 1,600 investors and 600 journalists from over 130 countries. The cold and dark Helsinki welcomed these tech-heads to a week-long celebration, including Slush Music, new Slush Y verticals, and hundreds of side-events and activities around the city. Slush Week 2018 takes place on Dec 4–5.

slush 2018 helsinkiSlush Conference team is passionate about new technololgies and aspires to provide the readers with the up-to-date information regarding new emerging technologies and startups, for instance in December 2017 we have attended TechCrunch Disrupt, where we had a really nice chat with Michael Granin, a NEM Industry Partnership Coordinator at Foundation. This year we became the approved media partners of Web Summit 2018. has applied for a participation in such an outstanding event as Slush 2018, which gather the ground shaking entrepreneurs, renowned investors, political influencers and tech-heads from all corners around the world. We are really interested in the latest technological trends, and we are eager to provide our readers with the way-out news from the very heart of Slush 2018.

Slush 2018 hosts such awesome speakers as Anisha Singh, the Founder and CEO of; Brian Halligan, the co-founder and CEO of HubSpot; Joel Flory, the co-founder and CEO of VSCO; Andras Forgacs, the co-founder and CEO of Modern Meadow, and many others.

slush  helsinkiSlush Conference team aspires to attend the Slush 2018 and enjoy it to the fullest, making sure to deliver the most valuable info regarding the best projects presented at the conference, and sharing our impressions of the event with our readers.

Now we are waiting for the confirmation of our application so that we would be able to provide you with the news from one of the most interesting events of the year.

Poloniex Wants to be Tron Super Representative

If the exchange will be elacted, it will be able to participate in the distribution of awards for one and a half million TRX daily
18 November 2019   66

The Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange this Monday announced the nomination of its candidacy for the role of validator in the blockchain project system TRON.

If successful, the exchange will be able to participate in the distribution of awards for one and a half million TRX daily. At the time of publication, she ranks 92nd in the general list of candidates with 32,626 votes, while the last super-representative in the 27th position has 262,320,639 of them.

Some time before, Poloniex opened several trading pairs for the TRX exchange and announced an official collaboration with Justin Sun's project.