Smart Economy Expo to be held on Brussels

Benefits and facilities that provides the blockchain technology will be explored at Smart Economy Expo 2018 in Belgium on May 2–4
30 April 2018   924

The capital of Belgium is going to host the Smart Economy Expo 2018 on May 2 through May 4 at European Parliament. The conference will introduce the applications and the potential to the industry provided by blockchain technology. In addition, there will a showcase of several innovative projects.

The mission of the event lies on the plain of law: the promotion of the technical competence in the field among lawmakers and regulators worldwide so that by 2020 innovation smoothly co-existed with the law. The conference is going to provide the education on the blockchain and its benefits. The educated overview will further serve as an assistance in the elaboration of market regulations in Europe, and as a reference to the rest of the world.

Among the notable speakers there will be:

  • Fabio C. Canesin, Neon Exchange co-founder;
  • Da Hongfei, NEO & On-Chain founder.

To learn more about the expo, you can visit the following page here.

Cobalt & Lithium Supplies to be Tracked With DLT

The platform will be created by the Everledger together with Circulor using Hyperledger Fabric
26 March 2020   840

Everledger, a British startup, has partnered with Circulor to develop a platform based on the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain to track supply chains of cobalt and lithium.

Everledger specializes in using blockchain to combat counterfeiting of precious stones, in particular diamonds. The company’s management said it intends to expand its business using blockchain to control the supply of rare minerals used in the production of batteries.

Well-known carmaker Mercedes Benz is already using Circulor technology to track its supply of cobalt and its carbon footprint. Circulor and Everledger share a similar concept - with the help of the blockchain they control the observance of social and environmental standards in mining. Therefore, startups decided to develop a joint product.

Everledger co-founder Leanne Kemp and Circulor CEO Doug Johnson-Poensgen said their solution will work on the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain. The possibility of interacting with IBM is also being discussed.

Poensgen added that the platform will be used not only to track cobalt production in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but in different regions of the world. For example, lithium mining in the Atacama desert leads to water pollution, so the solution on the blockchain is aimed at preventing environmental disasters.