Smominru Hidden Miner Infected Over 500k PCs

Smominru uses licked Nationa Security Agency exploit and mines Monero
02 February 2018   534

The exploit of the US National Security Agency (NSA) allowed the botnet virus Smominru, which mines XMR, to infect more than 526,000 personal computers. This is reported by Hacker News.

Researchers from the Proofpoint cybersecurity company, discovered a new global botnet called Smominru, also known as Ismo. It mines the Monero crypto currency using the EternalBlue exploit, which was allegedly developed by the NSA.

The EternalBlue exploit leaked into the network as a result of the actions of the hackers group Shadow Brokers, which is also responsible for the creation of the WannaCry ransomware.

The operators of this botnet are persistent, use all available exploits to expand their botnet, and have found multiple ways to recover after sinkhole operations. Given the significant profits available to the botnet operators and the resilience of the botnet and its infrastructure, we expect these activities to continue, along with their potential impacts on infected nodes.

Proofpoint Researchers

The botnet Smominru infects computers since May 2017 and daily mines around 24 XMR. To date, the botnet managed to mine around 8900 XMR for a total of $ 2.1 million. The largest number of PCs infected with Smominru are from Russia, India and Taiwan.

The target of cybercriminals was a vulnerable version of Windows. They also used another NSA exploit called EsteemAudit.

According to the Hacker News, experts noted that the infrastructure for managing Smominru was detected on the service of protection against DDoS attacks SharkTech, but from its representatives to receive an answer so far failed.

Confirmed: Ledger Hardware Wallet to Support Monero

Riccardo Spagni, a member of Monero Core Team, confirmed that Monero will be supported in Ledger hardware wallet
12 April 2018   261

In September of 2017 we have reported about GitHub page from LedgerHQ called blue-app-monero, according to which on Monday, September 4, the process of integration of Monero in Ledger and Blue Ledger Nano S has begun. Now we can certainly say that Monero will be supported in Ledger hardware wallet, as that was confirmed by Riccardo Spagni, a member of Monero Core Team.

...We have to do a bunch of work for it and it becomes painful. We've seen it with Ledger. It has taken a year to get Monero support on Ledger and that's only really coming together now. And it is because of the amount of work and effort that is needed to go into doing that.

Riccardo Spagni

Riccardo Spagni was talking about Monero and privacy on Doug Polk Podcast on April 9, 2018. The member of Monero Core Team said that Monero is already on Ledger, and there are some commits being performed to fix a couple of small issues. He stated that the official Ledger support will go live alongside the Monero 0.12.1 release. Moreover, Riccardo Spagni said some words about Trezor support, stating that Trezor team is currently working on it.

I think that Ledger has kind of blazed the way, there is a lot of stuff that Trezor can suck in from that.

Riccardo Spagni

What is more, he stated that there is a group in Monero community that is also building a hardware wallet which is based on the Trezor's schematics. We believe that it is great news for Monero community as the privacy coin will be finally officially supported on hardware wallet Ledger.